Whats the next desert race for robby and or max ?

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B1K, I believe

Ok I was hoping v2r

BiTD races seem to be if RG is in the mood. The possibility is always there for RG to co-drive the 59 Potts rig, Textron. Only RG knows.
IMO VtoR is a pain in the ass to follow, weekday races suck,IMO

will the secret 2000 lb. TT be ready in time for the B1K...?

5K lbs...Considering we haven't seen it show up in any desert testing and the TT just got a brand new engine I'm going with no.

Haha, no

not when they go right by your house

I wish he would make the gordini awd for Dakar and go kick their butts. Is he really going to build a awd tt ?

If only it were that simple. It's probably easier to build a 4x4 from scratch.

That's what I read on Ig. Sombody asked him about it and he said yes.

V2R is a great -tough- enderace desert race that is the longest in the US. I enjoy it because it’s close to me at the finish. IMO it seems RG does what he wants to when he can. I’m going with there is a chance.

Maybe we should carpool up the hill? :)


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