OK, so Im wondering what's the deal, since the schedule re-do, with the SST TV schedule? Cant find an updated one anywhere. Looked on here, NBC S website, and Google has in fact been my friend, so I come to you the all knowing forum dudes looking for help.



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I don't think it is going to be televised anymore. Maybe some sort of webcast is what I remember reading.
Thanks tog

sorry, but just to be clear there's no live web coverage for tomorrow just Sunday?

I think I saw something about SportsNet in Canada having coverage this weekend.

Here is the simple version:

1) If you get SPORTSNET ONTARIO you CAN WATCH LIVE the SUNDAY race during the SportsNet Indy pre-race show. If you DON'T get SportsNet Ontario, the Sunday race will be available at SST website sometime next week.

2) The SATURDAY race IS NOT broadcasted live. It WILL be available on the SST website sometime next week.

3) NO LIVE STREAM OF ANYKIND ON SST website - We are not allowed to -

Thanks for the update TOG ..

Any and all video coverage of this and all Robby does is a very important.......no...cornerstone to our following the exploits. would have been nice if Robby crashed the party here in Buffalo on his way back where they are shooting that "Top gear" show. That...I just had to.

Toronto's footage is scheduled to air Aug 10th 2pm/est on NBCSN


u got a source so we can check out other dates?


I don't know if there are other dates or re-air's


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