I know it is Dakar time, but we dont have much time to sign this Petition to have the White House look over and reply to why the Marines need to take all 140,000 acres of JV's Off Highway Vehicle area (OHV). If Johnson Valley is lost we will also lose the King of the Hammer's which we all know RG has been a fan of and did last year. Was told he was signed up to do it again this year. Several other off-road race series also use Johnson Valley and those series will lose their place to put on races. BTW the Marines have stated they only need the land for less then 2 months a year, yet it will remain closed forever. How does that make fiscal sense? This only takes minutes to do and the long term effect of Saving Johnson Valley could be saving other area's, as taking open public land seems to have a ripple effect.

Johnson Valley is the largest OHV area in California. More then twice the size of Glamis and all the Imperial Sand Dunes.

Save Johnson Valley Petition / Whitehouse.gov

We petition the Obama administration to:

Save the Johnson Valley OHV Area. Be fiscally responsible. Stop 29 Palms Marine base expansion. Keep public lands open.

With utmost respect for our nation’s military and national defense, we request our government deny any request by the US Marines to acquire 140K acres of public land designated for OHV use in Johnson Valley, CA for the purpose of expanding the 29 Palms Marine base. Expanding the world’s largest Marine base will cost tax payers millions and the Marines have publicly stated the land is only needed 2 months a year. Economic reports show neighboring communities and small businesses could lose $100 Million annually due to base expansion. The Marines current expansion plan is unnecessary and fiscally irresponsible. We request our government encourage the Marines to work with the public and obtain permits from the BLM to meet training objectives instead of closing this land to the public forever.
Created: Jan 15, 2013 Closes Feb 14, 2013

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I understand lots of folks rally'd for Johnson Valley, but really it's the tip of the ice berg.Everyday access to public lands are being taken from the public, you and me! Check out the news items just in the last weeks.


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