Ricky Stenhouse was pushed across the start and finish line tonight in Nationwide race afer blowing a motor he should be the last car on lead lap or 1st car 1 lap down. Not the Winner. Another instance of Nazicar picking which rules they want to use when they want to use them!

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I know the rule that you're referring to, but I'm not sure what the current position of that rule is or if it's even still in the books. If that were the case, any winner of any of the restrictor plate races at Daytona and Talledega in recent years could technically be penalized for being pushed on the last lap.
Fantastic point on the Restrictor plate races. Nascar always has these vague rules that can't be strictly applied from one instance to the next. They need to be more clear cut and applied each and every time the rule is broken regardless of which team or driver is involved. (See Jimmie Johnson last year running un-approved parts next to last race of season at Phoenix, never gets the mandatory point deduction wins championship).
ok so he was pushed across the finish line, but that was an accident, he wasn't trying to get any help.

Ricky is the winner, end of story.
If Carl DOESNT run into him, Stenhouse finishes no worse than 2nd as he coasts across. Not Stenhouse's fault CE ran over him. Thats racing. Ricky WINS.
Look I completely understand what you guys are saying. However, NASCAR hasn't taken the time to clearly write a rule that takes into account all outliers and give a good sense of what the Spirit of the Rule is trying to say. Stenhouse wasn't Under Power and was pushed across the line by a team-mate. According to the rule that seems a little fishy huh?

Just like the maintaining Pace Car speed under yellow. I am waiting for someone to intentionally spin someone out under yellow and the guy that gets spun out be the one punished. (Oh wait that already happened at Montreal a few years ago) Maybe if it happens to one of NASCAR's big boys they will take notice.
don't like the rules ? don't watch !!!!!! Nascar hates you and RG !!!
Stenhouse was in the right place at the right time. Edwards, not so much, but the contact was unavoidable. Congrats to Sorenson on winning the $100K, which is more than Stenhouse and Edwards (combined) will take home.
There have been a lot of dudes over the years that've been wrecked as they go over the line.

Technically there is no way his car could pass post-race inspection either but then again they've never DQ'd/Penalized anybody (at least that I know of) for their body not fitting templates/height-sticks with a wrecked car.
Clint Bowyer last year at New Hampshire...
His car was not damaged or involved in any incidents.
You're really reaching here for something to complain about. If he blew up in turn 1 and Carl pushed him around the track, then sure you'd be correct.

If you want to have an issue, what if it's the final race and the points leader runs out of gas on the last lap and is coasting around? He's far enough ahead to still barely win the championship, but a car from a rival team then comes up behind him and pushes him across the finish. That's a penalty normally, but what would NASCAR do with a championship on the line and an unwanted push happening?


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