Please go to and go to the 2nd tab in grey called "Drivers", then click Sprint Cup.  Notice what driver isn't there.  But its not just that, doesn't show or portray Robby Gordon or his car.  What kind of disrespect is this?  Funny how Toyota when they come to the track they have their Hauler with the Jim Beam Toyota still displayed.  But both NASCAR and Toyota will throw Michael Waltrip's image and persona least Robby was guaranteed a spot in the 500!    I wish I could speak to the Advertising and sales director for RGM, because either he needs to file forms quicker, or this is just outright disrespect from organizations who should know better.  If you are appalled like myself, I encourage you to complain.  I already put in a e-mail complaint to Turner, which runs the website.

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Embarrassed?? How could Toyota be any further embarrassed after the debacle that is going on up on Capital Hill about their ACTUAL cars? I think you are missing the point...they chose to support Robby Gordon Motor Sports. He is okay to come to visit their facility for morale boost; but not okay to promote?? That is a double standard, also FYI Michael Waltrip is NOT running a full season this year either. He is in fact running fewer races than Robby who is also an owner just as Waltrip.

As for Robby splitting his time...good for him. He is a racer and that is his first and foremost concern. Good for him for following his dreams and desires. Many of the other drivers aspire to do the same, however due to contractual agreements can not pursue them. NASCAR and Robby really have never blended, but he has proven that he can win in the past and continues to do what he loves. So end of story let the guy alone to do what he pleases!
Robby does not appear under the NASCAR drivers tab nor does the number 7...does anyone know why?
Embarrassed? At least capitol hill doesn't OWN them. That's embarrassing.
??? Has the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration duplicated the problem(s) once???
NASCAR is second to professional football in popularity in the U.S. only! Robby has global appeal and popularity - and yes, respect. Who are you to say what his driving priorities should be? Good grief, let the guy do what he wants.
robby is on toyota racing i just checked it out
Can remember when I would refer to Robby as a legend in his own mind.But as time goes on have become a fan.Reminds me of my hero Parnelli Jones,run what and where you want.After all life is short,enjoy.
Hell ,Maybe it's time to try an "Arrington" or "Gibbs" motor!
What about POS?

He's on every 5 minutes, every weekend.
performance is what sells, 33rd in owner's points doesn't cut it. If he can win, the PR will come. It's all up to him.
no doubt look at McMurray wins the 500 and gets Mcdonalds for 11 races..RG knows that good results will bring sponsors
My point is he is discredited as a driver. Here we have a website,, who posted his driver card (bio,stats,link to page,etc) that has been on there for years, has simply been omitted. He is top 35, he is still full-time (until he misses 3, I dont think you can justify part-time), and he has a larger fan base, unlike Mike Bliss, Sam Hornish, Paul Menard, etc.


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