Please go to and go to the 2nd tab in grey called "Drivers", then click Sprint Cup.  Notice what driver isn't there.  But its not just that, doesn't show or portray Robby Gordon or his car.  What kind of disrespect is this?  Funny how Toyota when they come to the track they have their Hauler with the Jim Beam Toyota still displayed.  But both NASCAR and Toyota will throw Michael Waltrip's image and persona least Robby was guaranteed a spot in the 500!    I wish I could speak to the Advertising and sales director for RGM, because either he needs to file forms quicker, or this is just outright disrespect from organizations who should know better.  If you are appalled like myself, I encourage you to complain.  I already put in a e-mail complaint to Turner, which runs the website.

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Thats because RG is going back to chevy with RCR support, heard it here first
only because that would be awesome....I have to bite and ask....substantial rumor or just yanking our :)
So what difference will that make?
RCR chassis and engines are pretty $$ these days....

if its just the engines...then not I think the TRIADS are just fine
That was my thinking... Robby is not about stop fabbing cars unless the roof falls in.
No disrespect... it's business. Robby walked away from TRD and went to TRIAD. Why would they promote a driver that is not theirs?

A better question might be is why TRIAD doesn't make a bigger deal of RGM since he is only 1 of 2 Cup teams running their motors?
TRIAD Client List:

Kyle Busch Motorsports
Rusty Wallace Racing
Billy Ballew Motorsports
Robby Gordon Motorsports
Germain Racing
Michael Waltrip Racing
Joe Gibbs Racing
Eddie Sharp Racing
Venturini Motorsports
Win-Tron Racing
CJM Racing
Eddie D’Hondt Motorsports
Randy Moss Motorsports
NEMCO Motorsports (Joe Nemechek)
Kirk Shelmerdine Racing
HT Motorsports
JTG Daugherty Racing
Premier Racing
Team Red Bull
Turn One Racing
hmm..I have photographic evidence on the front page of Robby at a TOYOTA event ( Max Papis photo ) , and you will see they are signing a card that showcases the 2010 Toyota drivers, and low and behold, Robby is on that card,sponsored by toyota...Conspiracy theory, shot down in flames.
Please find Robby Gordon as a driver under Sprint Cup Drivers in, Conspiracy Proven!
But Robby isn't part-time. It doesn't matter if he says he may miss a race or two. To me that's full time with a few misses. Was Robby's 2009 season considered full-time? I bet all would say it was, yet he missed a race.
Sam, it's spelled Capice.

Also, it's more than Robby. On the driver page, there are only 30 drivers with "cards" on the Drivers Cards tab. Robby, and the rest are listed on the Driver Table tab. I suspect it's got more to do with driver standings and team than anything else.
F**KING spelling police , when will they stop? wait they wont


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