Did any one see on Jayski's sight a Nascar team owner will announce his entry in the Indy 500 at a press conference on Monday. Just wanted everyone's thoughts. Could it be Robby... I no He said he wasn't running the 500 this year so if not then who??

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I may be Stanton Barret. I believe he announced he would be running the Indy Car series.
I don't think they are talking about Stanton Barrett...unless Stanton is also going to own a Cup team since what I read on another group, the owner will have cars in both Memorial Day races.
i bet tony!
It says the team owner will announce a driver and major sponsor.... still could be RGM
Robby as owner with someone else driving. Does still have his Indy Car equipment or did he sell it all off?
If I am not mistaken, don't they say the team owner will be making his debut at Indy this year? If so, didn't Robby own the #70 Meijer car he ran in 2004 which would mean this isn't him?
your right it does say debut at Indy so that would rule out Robby
According to Curt Cavin at IndyStar.com:

Question: So, what's this about a NASCAR team coming to Indy this year? (Tim, Xenia)

Answer: Gossip has everyone from Tony Stewart to Robby Gordon, but my sources say John Andretti with Richard Petty Motorsports.

I heard it's Jeff Gordon. Own's the 48 and has been trying desperately to get an F1 ride since driving JPM's car. He's hoping to dominate Indy and get an F1 seat out of it.

okay, I made that up. lol. I could so be a writer for the Enquirerer. lol

Seriously though, I would love it if it was RG but I am doubtful. Call me a hopefull skeptic. =)
John, today is the THIRD of April. LOL
Its as valid as the RG ideas...


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