Doesn't NASCAR have a limit to the number of cars on a team? With the merger of Yates and RPM, the newly created Rouschard Petty Motorsports will beat out SHR, Stewart Hendrick Racing by two. If you share engines, chassis and information, I think you are a team mate. You don't see football teams sharing their play books with the opposing teams. But I guess anything to keep Jack and Rick happy.
Hopefully the 7 team will continue to improve this year and have a better handle on the COT as we move to next year.

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each team can only have 4 cars total it does not matter about the sharing of engines or a technical alliance just for motors.. that is why mcmurray has to leave roush at the end of the season since they have 5 cars.
Sorenson is out!
By that standard, Triad racing has 7+ cars- MWR/Ambrose, RGM, Prism, Tommy Baldwin,Germain, Terry Labonte's team, etc. They all get engines, chassis and/or engineering help from Triad.

Your suggestion is for Hendrick and Roush to stop selling (they are doing this for profit) equipment and knowledge to other teams. It's really no different than american selling exports to another country.
The fact is though that the 4 RPM cars are owned by the Gillett family and Doug Yates. The Roush cars are owned by Jack Roush and John Henry. They could be replicas of each other but all that matters is ownership on paper.
Sorensen is a little jerk - not the most fan friendly guy in the garage.
The limit is 4. I don't know how they view the Hendrick/SHR agreement....
Well unfortunately it's "legit", on paper anyway.

It's like how Donald Trump structures all of his properties as separate corporations--technically he owns nothing, but also technically he's the CEO and Chairman of the Board on numerous corporations, whether it's his hotel in Vegas, properties in Atlantic City, golf courses, etc. So when one goes bankrupt (or "bankrupt", as it suspiciously did the day after a woman won a $2 million jackpot at one of his Atlantic City casinos...), it affects him or his other properties in no way. Hendrick has a similar thing--he doesn't "own" SHR or JR Motorsports, but if we're being real, all the money, manpower, engineering, motors, marketing, tuning, management, etc come from Hendrick


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