UPDATE: 2/9/12- A new 2 car team onwed by former TRG investors will take over Red Bull Racing's Owner Points in 2012. Landon Cassill will drive the #83 with Doug Richert as crew chief. Travis Kvapil is linked to be the 2nd driver with details to be announced soon.

This means Trevor Bayne and Robby Gordon will have to qualify on speed (or race in during Duels) the first five races of the season.

#71 team not returning in 2012?: Sirius XM NASCAR Radio's Sirius Speedway with Dave Moody has learned that the #71 TRG Motorsports NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team will not return in 2012. Sources close to the team say TRG will announce later this week that it has shuttered its NASCAR operation and will compete only on the Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series in 2012. TRG finished 36th in Sprint Cup owner points last season, and would not have been a guaranteed starter for the season-opening Daytona 500. TRG Motorsports made a total of 106 starts since joining the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2009, with a pair of Top-10 finishes to its credit. Bobby Labonte claimed a 10th-place finish for the team at Talladega in the fall of 2009, while Mike Bliss finished ninth in the 2010 Coke Zero 400 at Daytona. Team owner Kevin Buckler did not immediately return a call seeking comment today.(Sirius Speedway)

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that's OK...the duels will be damn exciting this year...just like 2006.

My fish woke me so I'll join in this Danica type turn this thread seems to have slid into before I crash. Perhaps it's no accident I got out of bed I can't sleep my body is a wreck maybe I'll slip into the kitchen and get a
Hey little boy............come meeeer I got a present for ya

It is what it is. Robby didn't earn a top 35 position and he didn't back into a top 35 positon to guarantee the first 5 races. It sucks but those are the rules. Now he will have to race in and hope that he is not in the same Duel as Danica,

It's pretty clear that RGM just does not have the funding to put together a dedicated Sprint Cup team and we should all be prepared to see the #7 car at select races only this year. The Sprint Cup operation fell apart last summer. Indy was a disaster so Robby tried to run a full race at Pocono and that was a total mess. WG sucked and after that the only other full races were Dega (we all know how that ended) and Phoenix that did not go well either. From there we should have all adjusted our expectations for 2012. Unless RGM decides to dump a but load of $$ into the Cup program, we can pretty much expect RG at the "fun" races or races with additional sponosorship $$. However, he will need to make the 500 to have any shot at that. Hopefully RGM can get assistance and engines from Penske to make it work.

So, a couple of you guys are mad that somebody bought Danica an insurance policy, but not TRG? Right, that makes sense. JMO, but if the Progressive chick called Robby up, & told him she had a check that could insure top 35...I think RG would bite at it too. Kinda like when he ran a Dodge at the Bud Shootout, then ran Toyota the rest of the season....Maybe it was the Chevy, before switching to Ford...or Ford before switching to Dodge? Wait, I think there was a VW in there somewhere. Anyway, it's insurance. Besides, if I were to put money on somebody causing "The Big One", I'd go with 48, or 24. They both have previous experience.

what really sucks is that the top 35 rule exists - especially for the 500 - it makes a joke out of the twin 125's (yes, I know) Two qualifying races to determine as few as 5 starting spots.

I have always hated the top 35 rule. Get rid of it and the fastest cars race. Pretty simple. All this points buying crap might be N/A

It makes you miss the days of 7 provisional starters. That made more sense than the top35. Atleast the top 36 who qualified made the race no matter who they were.

Funny. I saw "twin 125's" and remembered that I saw 150 mile qualifying races recently and recall thinking, "I thought they were 125 mile races?" Finally looked it up and can't belive the distance was changed from 125 to 150 in 2005. Really? 7 years ago? I'm surprised they didn't change the distance for 2004 the year after Robby won the Twin 125. Don't even get me started on the Bud Shootout. They change that one every year so I don't even try to figure out the format in advance.

At least I know in advance to wake up early from my nap for the end of the Pocono 400 this year.

Happy they chose Kvapil over Vickers. After wrecking the entire field since Martinsville, Vickers does not belong anywhere near a race car this season.

i do not think it matters,robby is only chance to finish top 35 are the RP tracks he should be able to race his way in,his cars are good in the draft,he does not deserve a spot in the top 35,he did not finish inside there last year.i think the points should go to a team that will run the entire races each and every week no matter who it is.there is the problem, why waste your car when you have no chance and the pay difference is minimal. it is why nascar is swirling fast and heading down the drain

i don't think anybody should panic over not being in the top 35 robby will go out next sunday for a pole run probably finish about 49th out of 47 cars.thats when the world will end on here for about 4 days,everybody will critize everything he does.
but thursday i'm gonna say by lap 10 in the 150 he'll be in the lead, cruise around for the rest of the race finish somewhere around 25th to 35th. by lap 7 or 8 in the 500 he will go to the lead again with the 99 or 21 close behind fall to the back for most of the race,now if those racing gods could shine some light on the #7 the last few laps we'll have a winner some day his luck will change. best of luck


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