UPDATE: 2/9/12- A new 2 car team onwed by former TRG investors will take over Red Bull Racing's Owner Points in 2012. Landon Cassill will drive the #83 with Doug Richert as crew chief. Travis Kvapil is linked to be the 2nd driver with details to be announced soon.

This means Trevor Bayne and Robby Gordon will have to qualify on speed (or race in during Duels) the first five races of the season.

#71 team not returning in 2012?: Sirius XM NASCAR Radio's Sirius Speedway with Dave Moody has learned that the #71 TRG Motorsports NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team will not return in 2012. Sources close to the team say TRG will announce later this week that it has shuttered its NASCAR operation and will compete only on the Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series in 2012. TRG finished 36th in Sprint Cup owner points last season, and would not have been a guaranteed starter for the season-opening Daytona 500. TRG Motorsports made a total of 106 starts since joining the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2009, with a pair of Top-10 finishes to its credit. Bobby Labonte claimed a 10th-place finish for the team at Talladega in the fall of 2009, while Mike Bliss finished ninth in the 2010 Coke Zero 400 at Daytona. Team owner Kevin Buckler did not immediately return a call seeking comment today.(Sirius Speedway)

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Something will happen with the points. They won't dissapear. Oh well. I hope we don't have any issues in our Q-race.

Whatever happens will happen that's what I've learned when things are left to happen. It just so happens that each and every year we go through a version of this shuffle. It sure sucks that the team of RGM finds itself one of the guys looking from the outside in, however when I last checked the starting spots looked like this. 43 - 35 = 8 (top 35) 8 - 1= 7 (past champ) 7-1=6 (the spot Derrick will get because.....well he's Derrick Cope, 6-1=5 (Lake Speed is back on the map) 5-1=4 (The Wood brothers will get one don't worry in a long shot it could be one of the top 35 but) 4-1=3 (Mark Martin gets in I guess...does Stenhouse have a top 35 spot we could be down to two spots.
Okay lets say that the tea leaves are saying that Robby Gordon will need to get 1 of 3 spots the only thing that I see that can give Robby Gordon the shaft is his own ability to be a prophet.
Are you ready for the only reason Robby may miss the Daytona 500?
Are you tired of this mindless build up?
Are you wondering how I come up with this shit?
Are you....... here comes my boss (whistling and a fake phone call to Ron L. Hoover)
Are you ready..................

I was going to say it was that blast about her weight and how she only weighed 100 pounds (158 while holding a beaver but she never held the beaver and for all I know she does not even have a beaver if she does she can damn well do what she pleases with it weather it be chomping a log or resting peacefully)
Anyway I think the cup cars weigh the same with weight added so.............no that can't be true you mean little Kasey co has to have weight added to be the same as the burger kings car......homework time but back to the beaver. Ron L. hoover is??????


From what I understand, the driver, car, etc. has to weigh a certain amount. If they have a smaller driver, they can add weight where needed to the car to help the handling, etc. That is the benifit of a smaller driver. I believe Indy weighs the cars without the driver, which was Robby's original comment about.

Ed you are correct At Indy they weigh the car and the driver weight does not matter. Now in Nascar the weigh the driver and he or she is part of the equation. The rule is based off of the driver weighing 200 lbs. If the driver weighs 225 , oh well they will be S.O.L. If the driver is less he is at an advantage. IE Mark Martin weighs 140 lbs therefore he has to add an additional 60 lbs to the car, which is also an advantage because you can put the weight where you need it for performance and it will be quite lower than in the seat. so with that being said it is an advantage to have a skinny driver but think about this the14 and the 99 were tied for points last year and one driver was a model of fitness and the other that won more races , well not so fit. So you pick you battles.

Two "deals" to buy Red Bull have previously failed to be completed. Nothing from anybody that I can find to confirm what Jenna tweeted. Have to wait and see. Time is running out if any would be buyer has thoughts on Daytona.

I'll be glad when this owners points mess is sorted out with these defunct teams.

I think when all is said & done, RG will be 36th in owners points heading into Daytona.

Oh well, lets get in the same 150 as Bayne and all will be good!!

Thanks Keith for the time reminder.With the switch to fuel injection,I would think the engine suppliers have already built or finishing all the engines to go to Daytona.

According to a news earlier today, Nascar will have a new rule will go into effect for 2013 concerning the Top 35 that will prohibit teams from selling, buying or trading previous owner points. SHR might need Tony to use the Champions Provisional next year so Danica can be locked in for 2013. (Points earned from the #10 car this year will stay with TBR for 2013).

As for the (New Team) with London Cassill, the team bought the assets from Red Bull Racing (equipment, cars, etc) but I doubt the points. (MWR didn't buy the RBR assets because the points weren't included). Red Bull has to have some type of ownership for points to transfer. Now if TRG is involved the points could be included...

Been told that Thomas Ueberall [Red Bull's race director] is now listed as the owner of the #83 and now #93 [was #4] team owner points. Sinica Motorsports attempted to run Homestead running the #93, but their website now shows no car number and facebook and twitter pages no longer work. Ueberall may be listed as the owner when the new owners take place, due to the points. Supposedly part owners of TRG Motorsports are rumored to be buying the assets from Red Bull Racing.(2-3-2012)

it is a done deal . They are prepping 2 race teams out of the old Morgan Dollar truck shop in Statesville NC to go to Daytona. They will use the points from the 4 and the 83. They will change the 4 to 93. Landon Cassill will drive one car and Vickers the other. They have bought a ton of equiptment the equiptment that they have in statesville is the equiptment that they need to get ready for daytona. When they are in Daytona the rest of the acquired assets will be moved up there. This new group has nothing to do with TRG at all. they are completely independent.

they will race and not start and park.

Looks like Trveor & Robby will have to qualify or race their way into the Daytona 500


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