OK, so I haven’t been around in awhile but my life has been quite busy, two kids graduating colleges in two different states and another in even a different state working on giving me the title “Grandpa” in a few months, all not being in the state I reside in. Just wanted to share what I saw today. This is part of a banner at NHMS showing some of the key moments in the tracks history as part of its 25th Anniversary Celebration.

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And to prove I’m been around, I spent some time in a Planet members former stomping grounds.
P.S. Mr. Nick is doing fine

Thank you David, wouldn't it be Mr. Knick ;-) ?

The irony of the sign is,it emplies there's Trout in the Otselic river. Maybe. It's really about the Gladding fish line factory that's in the middle of a tiny town. Tiny towns are everywhere in upstate New York
Like I've always said there's NY City and the rest of the state lol

And Buffalo N.Y..........the only thing wrong with Buffalo is the fact it's in N.Y...............Gladding Fish line,,,,hhhhhmmm have to investigate

Lol MM

And I scored this die cast today.

Wow,Throwback Thursday
side note, the racing world has lost Steve Byrnes to cancer,Godspeed. And Buddy Baker is battling lung cancer.

David great get! That's awesome!

MK thanks I hadn't seen that race
does kinda suck watching Byrnes and hearing Buddy.

did NHMS lock the gates so X-fans couldn't get in to watch the race live? There might be more fans at Langley tonight for a Saturday night show .http://www.fanschoice.tv/watch-live/nascar/langley

it CUP race in Loudon.

if the race get's boring, Check out World Superbike live from Laguna Seca,DTV channel 620 11:30am/pt and 2:30pm/pt


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