I realize that RG's future is the SST series, however I was wondering if Team Gordon had converted any cars over to the new Gen 6 configuration? Hopefully we see RG at a twisty in either a Team Gordon car or Phoenix car.

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Gonna say no to this. No need to convert a car you don't plan on racing anytime soon.

I figured that was the case.

NASCAR discussions don't go very far here anymore. :-(

Just a select few of us like it. I'm game for any NASCAR subject...I love it and there are few that bash it but...whisper...they secretly love it...

if the discussion involves Robby and NASCAR ,There's nothing to talk about ,so how can it go very far?


I still have some drivers that I will pay a little bit of attention to in the cup series... they are usually the ones that everyone else thinks sucks.

I like the underdog's too.

Not sure how much of an underdog some of these guys are... they still are racing in the top series in Nascar so they must have at least a little bit of talent (except for that Kevin Conway guy jeez). So they don't have the equipment that the mega teams do.. at certain tracks talent will shine regardless.

To me the underdog is a guy/team that's got less of a chance to win. Like Phoenix Racing, Furniture Row, Swan Racing. I'm sure there's plenty of debate pro and con for these teams, but the way I see it if your not in the top 30, you're an underdog...IMO

I like NASCAR and I like to see RG in NASCAR. At least when he has a chance to do well. The beginning of the 2012 season started OK with him racing his way into the 500. But, it became very painful to watch after that 125 mile race. He did the right thing by staying home after a few races.

I agree, watching the twins that day when RG made the field was great. Thank you POS


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