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Good evening Planeteers! This one is kind of a recap of last weekend, from Monaco to Indy to Charlotte. Then it morphs into a suggestion that NASCAR not take itself quite so seriously and stop trying to micromanage every detail of every race. Just give 'em the green and let 'em race! If you click right about here, you'll be magically swept up by a passing breeze and deposited on the proper page at Race Fans Forever. I do hope you enjoy the trip.
Warning! I have another one for you tomorrow, on a very different subject.

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Sunday on Memorial Day weekend is the best day of racing all year.

Truex, Jr. had the field covered. It happens sometimes. NASCAR needs to get over it.

My feelings exactly. It was one race! Not every one can be that Atlanta finale, but Brian wants to manage from on high and somehow thinks that's what the fans want to see. If you lose to someone today, go home and make your car better. FR got it right on Sunday. Next Sunday it will be someone else.

Truth be told , the 78 team just needed to hit their marks, no goofy pit calls,no tire charger/charge what ever issues . And they where going to pound a win home. Kansas could have been it, Texas, Atlanta maybe. Hell maybe Daytona.
The All-Star race was a $hit show, it Na$crap wants that as an example of a 'race' than this series is done.

I fear it is close to that Mike, and it's not necessarily "NASCAR" that wants it. Brian Z. France has a very different idea of "close racing" than most of us lowly fans do. I hear close racing, I think of Ambrose and Keselowski at the Glen. Ricky Craven and Kurt Busch at Darlington. He thinks of Talladega, 4-wide and 10-deep. The All Star race has almost without fail been as you describe it. I've said from the inception it would be a great weekend for the teams to take off and get a bit of R&R before the long hot summer sets in. Instead they get to waste their time with a race that has never been the same twice. Someone always thinks he can "improve" on it, so it gets worse by degrees.
Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it... and we have BoZo. ☺


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