Will Robby ever race in NASCAR again???

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Only "The Man" himself knows for sure!

@Chad, Robby answers your question in this Q&A

I took it as,I'm not spending my money to do that again.

On a different NASCAR note, have you noticed all the late team folding's.Just a reminder that the Truck and N/W series are rent a ride series ;-)

I would really love to see him give it one last effort going all in. I think in the right situation he would have a strong chance at making the chase now that the format has changed. If he would have stayed at RCR and invested all of his time with them he would have won some more races. I have always been a fan of his dating back to when he was the first driver to take over the #28 Havoline ride after Davey Allison had passed. I know he wanted to do his own thing, but it was hard to watch at times. I have been a part of short track racing in my area and know that it is all about the money. The most talented racers in the world are never noticed because they didn't come from money or have deep pockets backing them. The most annoying thing to me is when drivers are compared to each other, it's like comparing chefs that don't cook with the same groceries. I like Robby for what he does for the fans, no one compares to him in that category!!

Right on !!!!

The opportunities are more favorable for small teams than when RGM ran. Better qualifying procedures and easier Chase opportunities. I don't see Robby racing full time ever again, but would think Indy, Daytona, Talladega, Sonoma and Watkins Glen would be tracks Robby could run. Depends on sponsorship. Have no idea if RGM has anyone trying to secure sponsors anymore (?) I'm sure if any sponsor search is taking place it's for SST. Wish they would bundle some sponsor packages (SST races, Cup race or two and Dakar) Robby was a master at packaging sponsor deals in his first few Cup owner seasons.
I really hope he puts an opportunity together to attempt a few Cup races, just listen to every event at introductions... It's always NASCAR driver Robby Gordon. No matter what haters think, NASCAR still holds the title of most known racing series. As for brand awareness, they never say "King of the Hammers driver..." Or "Parker driver..." Or "Mint driver..." On occasion You hear Indy driver, Dakar, and Baja Winner sometimes, but it follows "NASCAR driver..Robby Gordon"

Just saying

"NASCAR still hold the title of most known racing series" you forgot the words 'in the United States'

If I have to clarify "in the United States" then you have way too much dirt in your head...even when Robby runs in Mexico they use NASCAR driver in intros...in Canada they us Nascar Driver in intros and I believe I've heard and read in press releases for the Dakar Rally "Nascar driver.." so I believe my statement still stands...geez...really?

do you think everyone around the 'world' really gives a rats ass about Nascar?

I'm a fan of Robby Gordon. I enjoy watching him race in NASCAR. Just because you're a NASCAR hater doesn't mean everyone else on this site is. I believe RG has a ton of NASCAR followers.

i too admire of robby's work on the course - nascar, imsa, scca, champ car, dakar, score, bitd, etc. i have been to my fair share of nascar events - including my first ever race in summer 1968 in alabama where this guy called "red farmer" participated.

but the correct answer to the question regarding most popular (known) race series gobally is not "nascar." it is F1.

We're all fans of RG Big. Lighten up alittle.


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