My little memory about some Robby Gordon Experiencie do you have one??

this is my little story about something funny with him
i was in contingency, at the baja 500 of 2005, and weeks before a buy a little nascar car (was the black and orange cingular car), and i was looking for Robby and then i saw him with the redbull t-shirt walking fast behind the little souvenir stores, and i run to catch him, when i finaly catch him, i ask if he could give me his autograph in my car so he told me yes when he opened the box(the car have like some security wires to hold the car and i remove it i don't know why haha)well when he opened the box, the car just go down for his hands and smash with the floor so Robby was like ohhh sh$%&t and he pick it up and he told "really sorry like you know i always crash mi cars haha" and he take the sharpie and besides the autograph he painted the car after the smash and he say i will give it to the car some "pimp my car with the sharpie haha, again sorry, see you in the dirt" and he just walk away just some hours after that he won the race that day was really special for me, i still have the car with the sharpie paint haha

sorry for my english i don't write very good i hope u understand
that't why i do prefer just stay in silence and don't write nothing haha

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I rememeber the first time I met Robby, it was October of 2002 and I lived in Texas at the time with my mom. I had been a big Robby fan for a while and we made the drive up to North Carolina from Texas for the Fan Club party they were having. Well I brought two cameras with me, one was a digtel camera but I hadn't gotten a memeory card for it yet and the other was a camera you had to load the film into. The first stop we made once we got to Mooresville was Robby's shop beacause I wanted to take pictures and load up on Robby gear. I remember I was wearing my Robby #31 hat, jacket and shirt and we went into the shop with my camera that you had to load the film on and started taking pictures and picking out stuff to by. Well this guy walks out and puts his hand on my shoulder and said "You want a picture?" Well I glance up at him and asked, "Who are you?" Well he looked at me for a moment and kinda smiled and said "Um, Robby Gordon?" LOL I guess the last thing I expected was a driver to walk out of his shop and ask if I wanted a picture with him. So I guess maybe that's why it didn't register at first who he was, though I had been a fan for serveral years before that.

Well my camera was broke because I had just tried to take a picture before that and it made a strange whinning sound, so I told Robby that I would, but my camera was broke and I broke it. He said "no you didn't, give it here. I'll fix it." HAHA Well he turned it on and off and still couldn't get it to do anything and he opens the compartment where I loaded the film at and tried to remove the film and it started making a whinning noise and it ate the film. He was like "Um, now I really did break it, I am sorry!" And hands it back. I said that was fine, I had a better camera out in the truck, but we still needed a memory card for it. He's said "Well, I'll be here for a while longer, go get the memory card and come back and we'll take that picture and I'll try not to break it this time."
Great story! Thanks Rene. And what RG said to you was true - that Cingular car got wadded up a couple of times with him in the seat.
i have a couple of good storys The first time i met robby was way back in 2003 i was at the Chagioland speedway and i kept bugging my dad to let me met a nascar driver so i happen to be in Robby's line and i couldn't quite out how to say hi to him but then he said" Don't fall little girl " I was standing on a steap stool and hanging on to the merch tralier and when i was about to fall . for the 2nd time i met him was a couple of years ago at the grand opening of menards in West St Paul. I was exteremly nervous for some reason. Then he came over to me and asked me why i was scared and told me he doesn't bite. I had said i can't do this i'm too scared. I even had some guy in the line say " Hey Robby" she's your number one fan" that made my face red " how embarssing. He was very nice to me. Then once he got over to me i couldn't stop shaking for some werid reason so he told me to stop shaking and put his arm around me and told me it's okay! Took a picture and everything Funny he didn't know how to spell my name . Oh yeah by the time i got up to see Robby i couldn't get anything out of my mouth completly speachless.I will always be a robby fan no matter what after that experince he gave me a good vibe. I love how robby treats his fans.
haha nice story for me was the same with Travis Pastrana i was shaking when i saw him and he told me hi i'm Travis at that moment i was like ohh my god

i want a picture with Robby i will try to take 1 for the baja 500 but it's too hard because the people, you have to fight to get with him and take one, you need to be in the hotel to get a better picture, but in the contingency it's dificult
i know robby is a very fan friendly driver I think for the most part.. I love being a fan but i try to watch it at times . other fans sometimes give me a hard time about him.Good luck with trying to get a picture with Robby
well is easy i know how in San Felipe i was a driver meeting right behind Robby so when the driver meeting was over i talk with him about this site and the photos so is easy because only the media and mechanics and people like that can be there

or you can find him in his hotel but the race day is all focus for Robby so u need to do that 1 day before o maybe after the race
Rene you need to post more often. I think we are getting the gist of what you are saying just fine. The more the merrier!
i know what you mean. i was at pocono raceway for my first time for a race and i heard that Robby was at one of the motorhomes hanging out with the fans and their wasnt really a big crowd but he was playing "washerboard" with fans just having a good old time on a friday night. i hung out and watched him play and i eventually met him and talked to him for a little bit and got a picture which was rememarble. this was when he was driving the 31. but last year my brother made a poster for robby and gave it to his hauler driver on the way in the track and after the race on sunday the hauler driver remembered him and gave him robbys visor for his helmet he used in the race autographed. robby is the nicest driver on the nascar circuit.
in offroad racing is most dificult to get an autograph haha
My story is from back in the Cingular days. I went to an autograph session for Cingular at a store in Raleigh. I had brought with me two or three diecast to autograph, and a North Carolina personalized license plate that said ZOOM31 .
When Robby saw the ZOOM31 license plate he called for one of his assistants to come over with a camera to take my
picture holding the plate. Of course he was great to talk to and I had a great time. But a couple of days later on the Nascar boards someone said, check Robby"s website Zoom you're famous. So I went to Robby's site and there it was under How Bad Have You Got it, the picture of me holding the ZOOM31 PLATE. Isn't that a great guy!
haha thats awesome zoom! 2 years ago at pocono when robby got suspended for the pennsylvania 500 after the montreal race issue with ambrose my family made a poster in spraypaint saying "free robby" and the poster made it on espn during the race!
The first time I met Robby was at Irwindale Speedway the week after he won at Sears Point. I had him sign a NASCAR bowling pin that I just got from bowling in a NASCAR "league" (such as it was). But that is not the best memory. The best memory was February 2006 when I met him at his souviner trailer before the race in Fontana. I had put a Cows On Parade NASCOW (black with red flames, the #7 on it's rear, exhaust pipes off the udders, helmet, goggles, tires by the hooves) on the counter for Robby to sign, he got a kick out of it, called for the girl in the trailer to come over, told her "I need to get one of these", and proceeded to tell me the story about when he was in CART driving for Ford when the crew took a fake pig from someplace (I forget now), took the nose off the car and replaced it with the front of the pig, took the wing off the car and replaced it with the back end of the pig. The entire time his face was lit up like a little kid telling a secret. I got a picture of both of us laughing that I will post when I get home.


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