At a racing board, discussing RGs NASCAR Cup season being limited to select events:

Me: On the one hand, it will be awesome to see him racing in other series showing his versatility. On the
other, sucks to watch RGM finally really bite the dust

Friend: I think he's just reached the point in his life we've all known was coming. He has enough money and time to do whatever he wants, whenever
he wants. He doesn't have to put up with NASCAR's bullshit. He doesn't
have to worry about IndyCar's sustainability. All he has to do is show
up at the racetrack and kick as much ass as he can. Which is what makes
him happiest. Good for him.

Here is hoping he has enough track dates lined up for the year to make it interesting.

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Yeah I mean really do we want to watch RG struggle and suffer painfully through the cup races he hates (like Bristol and Martinsville)? I'd rather see him off-roading those weekends or running a series where he enjoys the racing.
nice quote...but everything still hinges off him being a player in Nascar...I don't care what anyone says...Granted hr could do off road and Dakar without being in Nascar, but believe me the extra coverage and press and interest all stems from being able to say.."and Nascar driver Robby Gordon..."

Without a top 35 guarantee, it would be next to impossible to get a sponsor of anykind..and hten trying to stay in Nascar as an unlocked team is a death sentence...

Now I am not saying he needs to race all 36, but he does need the #7 in the race collecting Owner Points and keeping them securely locked in. Though personally disappointed as the Chase dream would be over, it would be cool to see RG run 26-30 of the races and do some other cool stuff, whether it be Indy, long as someone else is inthe car.

Believe me..if the #7 doesn't run a full schedule that will be all the ammunition Nascar needs to make the first ever number transfer (yes, they will give it to Danica in a heartbeat in the offseason sighting the intention to run a full schedule over a part time team). It would go against precedent...but you cannot stop that kind of marketing push that is coming....and you KNOW she and Nascar want to give her that #7!!!
what makes you think Danica will want to run a full time schedule in the near future? I agree the #7 car should run every race and I think a good young driver (weekly Ranger plug!) in the RGM stable is just what is needed to keep the NASCAR efforts on track and give Robby the time to race other venues.
Don't you mean Sergio Pena?
Have to wait a couple of years for Pena.. he's only 16!!
10-4 ,I was pretty impress'd with his weekend at Irwindale.There is a slight downside to being young,he'll have to wait a couple of years for the big show.Just think he'll have a couple of years to learn stock cars!
Really, what's the A.Ranger fascination,HONESTLY! There is more Canadian talent than just Andrew!
Andrew wins the 2009 Canadian Tire Series.The car's are at best a bad limited late model. For Canadian fans west of Calgary,go to the ASA NWLM Tour race on May 15th in Vernon.It's a great facility and a unique trioval shape.ASA cars have 600+hp 2900lb with driver and some great young and old talent.I'll guess now 50+ Pete Harding or mid 30's Gary Lewis will win.
Who's Andrew's sponsor (not advertising pantner) in the Nationwide series.Cu'z I'm guessing it's a pay to drive ride.
They were referring to when Danica wants to move to Cup, and will desire the #7. I'm pretty sure most here are aware that RG doesn't own the #7 in Nationwide.


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