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What the heck is going on with the monster truck. Have'nt heard a word about it in over a month. Is it still gonna happen or what???

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Making changes to it , and then will probably test again before racing.
whoo hoo! maybe some new testing vid's soon? I was just thinking about the monster truck today.
NO MONSTER TRUCK jumping the shark (imop)
jumping the shark lol. Is that a john hein mention.
fonzie first...then john hein...he's a rich nerd...
I just saw the Monster Truck going east bound 91 at Green River at about 11:45am. I should have turned around and followed but didnt have the time.
I was just on the 91 and I would have made the time.
hey, no texting/emailing and driving!!!!
Probably OK since it was bumper to bumper.
for those who dont know THE 91 SUCKS
It's headed to NC, first to Texas to pick up the Dakar gear.
Going down the 91, first stop on the way is in Texas then on to NC?
Was a 2nd seat added to split up the driving?
What kind of fuel milage is the Monster Truck getting on a trip like that?
Any chaser vehicles following it in case of an issue or is it covered by AAA?


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