someone recently mentioned they had a #7 monster flag in one of the discussions here.  anybody know where i can get one?  or even an RGM flag?  i need one for the toyhauler!

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sorry i meant to say i bought mine at charlotte last fall, they said they only had about 5 of them so i got very lucky. me and friend both got one. i'm not sure why they decided to sell them then.
They had them at the souvenir trailer in Charlotte in October, but I forgot to buy it there after waiting for Robby to come for the autograph session. So we walked about 2.5 miles in the rain to get to the trailer early at Dega a few weeks later -- and I got it there. Big green Monster flag with a 7 in the middle. Cool!! It will be flying at Daytona by our tent - maybe I need to lock it to the flagpole ;-) !
I got one a couple years ago.
They didn't have them at the April Texas race and I remember coming on here (or maybe it was the Uprising then). Posted that I wanted one and Marchetta (hope I remembered her name right) brought some to the November race.
How's that for customer service! Those RGM folks are awesome.


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