So when does the judging begin?

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March 6th voting will begin for PHX

Kevin, you are one lucky guy.



Peaks and Valleys! Let's get the best. (o )( o)

All I know is that I vote for Corry Weller. Not only is she super-hot but she can actually race the trucks too ;)

You can see snapshots of the 'early' MISS SST entries at

Just scroll to the bottom of the page!

Skin 2 Win.

From the Miss SST contest rules:

"Any attempt to use macros, software or other means to automatically or artificially inflate voting counts will result in disqualification."

Looks like they thought of you when they wrote the rules.

Ya Think??? LOL

Robby had no issue making him most popular driver in NASCAR for 5 years... Haha Or the fan favorate for the All Star race... Haha!!

dont forget scanner wild card voting....


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