After talking with Robby on Saturday and ribbing him good for no trailer with goodies to buy.  He told me in two-three weeks on merchandise, and that they are working out licensing agreements, then it will be good to go.  I was dissapointed not to see his trailer selling products at Daytona for the second year in a row.  But he wasn't alone.  Jamie McMurray -barely anything & no diecast.  Kenseth, no 1/64 diecast with no attempt for a kid version/end around the hard liquor rule.  No Bobby Labonte/Taxslayer.  You would think these drivers could put a rush on any licenses they would need in the off season to sell at Daytona,,,

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SIRIUS SPEEDWAY said yesterday that the amount of souvy trailers was greatly reduced due to Merchandise Authentics current economic demise. If you thought Daytona was bad, wait until some of the smaller tracks. Robby is not affiliated with M/A but it takes time to get stuff made up. I can't imagine the overhead costs of sending that trailer to any track.
Yes the biggest problem is Motorsports Authentics who is the largest supplier and handled most of the top teams is trying to avoid bankruptcy and is trying to settle the millions of dollars currently owed to several top NASCAR teams. So until this gets settled I dont think you will see as many new products and vendors at the tracks as these teams need to get paid.

Read this;

Bankruptcy coming for Motorsports Authentics?
Motorsports Authentics, an equally owned merchandise joint venture between race-track owners International Speedway Corp (ISCA.O) and Speedway Motorsports (TRK.N), has received default notices from certain licensors, regulatory filings show. In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Speedway Motorsports said Motorsports Authentics had stopped paying certain guaranteed royalties in its third quarter, and was attempting to renegotiate agreements with all significant licensors of NASCAR merchandising. "MA is exploring other business strategies to turn its business around. If such efforts are not sufficient or timely, MA could ultimately pursue bankruptcy," the filing said.(10-7-2009)

Motorsports Authentics fights to avoid bankruptcy:
In an all-out effort to avoid bankruptcy, the joint owners of Motorsports Authentics (MA) are attempting to reorganize the troubled licensed merchandise company and settle the millions of dollars it owes several NASCAR teams. MA's 50-50 owners, International Speedway Corp. and Speedway Motorsports Inc., have been in constant contact with the top teams since the end of the season, with one of NASCAR's top executives, senior vice president Paul Brooks, acting as a mediator. It's uncertain exactly how much MA owes the teams, but its contracts with the best-selling organizations such as Hendrick Motorsports, Roush Fenway Racing and Dale Earnhardt Inc. guarantee each of them close to $3 million annually, industry insiders say. MA, which has lost money in three of its four years in existence, has been paying a portion of those guarantees, about a third to half, based on their merchandise sales. Officials from ISC and SMI declined comment, citing the continuing nature of the negotiations. But team officials characterize the talks as frustrating because there remains no clear merchandise plan for the sport and the season-opening Daytona 500 is less than two months away. MA is responsible for most of the sport's trackside retail activity and much of its licensed merchandise, although that model could change as part of the company's restructuring. Most team officials say they're willing to forgive some of the debt from MA, but they need a clearer understanding of the plan going forward before agreeing to a settlement. MA generated more than $200 million in revenue in 2008, the only year it has turned a profit, but MA's revenue this year will be a little more than $100 million, industry insiders say. The die-cast division accounts for a little less than half of the company's revenue.(12-23-2009)

Motorsports Authentics bogs down ISC's 2009 finances:
International Speedway Corp. saw its net income drop 95 percent from $134.6 million in 2008 to $6.8 million in 2009, with its 50 percent stake in merchandise company Motorsports Authentics costing $77.6 million on its 2009 balance sheet, according to its year-end financial report issued Thursday. The losses for Motorsports Authentics, owned 50-50 by ISC and track-operating rival Speedway Motorsports Inc., include an ISC write-down of its half of the worth of the company by $69.3 million and operating losses for 2009 of $8.3 million. ISC also announced that it believes Motorsports Authentics' value of goodwill and intangible assets is zero as the company has not been able to pay guarantees under its current license agreements. ISC President John Sanders said he did expect a resolution to the Motorsports Authentics issues in the next three to six months. The merchandise company - which licenses the merchandise, has it purchased and also does at-track sales - is looking at streamlining operations. Bankruptcy is still an option, according to ISC's news release. Admissions revenue dropped 17.2 percent from $236.1 million to $195.5 million. Saunders said that ISC sold slightly below 80 percent of its seating capacity for Sprint Cup events, compared with 90-95 percent in previous years. The weighted average ticket price was down 3 percent.(1-29-2010)
Robby should at least have some offroad merchandise at Fontana, even if it's out of an Uhaul. I remember a little trailer the first year he ran on his own there, One shirt, two pictures and a sticker lol. I dont know what rent is but I would think enough off-roaders would be buying to cover it, maybe Bob could be signing stuff too?.....Maybe he should make a green #7 only shirt at half price for all the drunk "Ranica" fans.......
Robby could always have his TV/DVD playing his off road DVD's, I'm sure fans would love to buy those DVD's
Robby's trailer was at Daytona last year. You're right about the trailer area being pretty sparse. You should have seen it in Homestead, less than half of what you normally see. Usually everyone is there trying to unload end of season stuff.
Dover was the same way in 2009. only 60% of what usually is there. Guess there is no need for 6 Dale Jr trailers at each event.
pocono was the same way also in 2009...
i just think its funny seeing the digger merchandise trailer at races selling stuff
Pocono, Dover, Richmond, & Bristol were all that way. One thing I did see was an increase in the independent merch guys actually on track grounds again...
At least some of you got to see a souvy trailer of Robbys at the track! Loudon was 0-2!!! And that REALLY stunk!!
Daytona had an event tent with souvys... in addition to the event merchandise they had Jr., Stewart and digger. Nothing else. Sick....
Both California races over the last few years have had less and less vendor trailers and sponsor displays. I'm not a MWR fan but last year they did not have one single trailer there for all three of there teams. You would think they would bring atleast one trailer with all three teams merch? I asked one of the Motorsport Authentics guys working in a trailer and he said the economy and the rising cost of gas is keeping these teams from traveling across country. He said you will see a drivers trailer at events where their sales are stronger. He said you need to sell several, several thousands of dollars worth of product to even make a profit. He said you have the cost of the merchandise, the labor to stock, haul and sell the products, permits to sell in all these different states and then you have to pay for fuel too and from an event. He said some of the teams will keep the trailers on the road for several weeks before returning to NC. This helps with fuel costs. But you still have staff you need to get to and from the different tracks each week.

For Robby the West coast races are more expensive to bring the trailer out too, but those are going to be his most profitable. I would assume RGM trailers will always be at races like California, Sonoma, Phoenix and Vegas.


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