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I know there are a lot of long-term Off-Road guys here, figured this could lead to an interesting discussion.

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After watching that video , the SST series enters the sport at a great time.

This official statement by LOORS could mark the end of that series, people don't like that kind of crap.

Makes me wonder, maybe thats why SPEED Energy was not allowed at one of the LOORS races in SoCal since maybe they got wind of RG starting a new off road series.

Maybe the drivers are listening to LOORS, didn't see any of their drivers at the Glen Helen testing. Just saying. IMO

I stand corrected, there was a LOORS driver on hand doing testing with RG at the Glen. Follow the dollars!

This guy is sure worried about his CBS deal!
Wonder if there will be repercussions for drivers who race in the TORC race?

Very interesting.....sounds like LOORS is not going to budge.

I'm on the fence with this being good for SST.
Why couldn't this same speech take place insert SST rather than TORC?

Obviously - LOORS is strongly "suggesting" for drivers / teams not to venture into other venues.

I understand that SST & LOORS are not the same style of short-course off road racing.
However,key word: short-course off road racing! Same target audience & viewership...this is a similar standoff that CART & IRL had. During that era both series were impaired.

One more thought. He mentioned Jenkins Mike or Mark (Owners of Traxxas / TORC) I know they are on board with Robby & SST. Maybe the real threat is not TORC but SST & LOORS is positioning for this??

I used to go to zoar valley as a kid so I kinda grew up watching off road stuff. It's damn fun!!! I also grew up watching people who told me to respect the law "as they broke it". Anti trust laws need to be F______G enforced in this country. One of a handful of laws that are outside the parameters of common sense and peaceful living that I think we ignore. This goes on loosely at short tracks and stuff lets face it, I was even refused my "Kentucky Derby" glass because I stated as I filling out a slip that I sometimes patronized OTB (off track betting) while at The Buffalo Raceway. "That's our biggest competitor, sorry son". However when a corporation whose financial advantages can start to be used (I'm sure they will) to squelch free enterprise it's time to speak up America. You are getting close to being "OFF TOPIC" Michael. Sorry about that but for me it's a simple matter of choice and free competition, corporate fist throwing I don't like, That and a chick who puts rice in my ice cream and tells me its pudding.

@Michael: I guess Zoar is closed? I was one of the few SoCal people that went back there. That was a cool race track. Well maybe the trees were a little close to the course, but that made it more interesting

I hope Robby puts the hurt on these assholes big time. What a big dick head this guy is, try and keep your girl friend at gun point.

"Eyes are the window to the soul."

Never trust a honcho who holds a presser wearing sunglasses.

Trying to place guilt and hold teams and drivers to responsible to make LOORS successful is a clear sign of fear. Worried about truck count? Put your money where your mouth is.

I would have ditched the glasses myself. That was the first thing I noticed.

I thought the same thing....

Wonder how long (if it didn't happen already) til their Dirt LM drivers get the same speech about participating in the WoO.

Does anybody know where Lucas gets the trillions of dollars that they spend on Motorsports each year?


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