#4 Jeff Ward
#5 Ricky Johnson
#6 Justin Lofton
#7 Robby Gordon
#8 Justin Matney
#10 Greg Adler
#12 Nick Baumgartner
#17 Lalo Laguna
#21 Rob MacCachren
#25 Arie Luyendyk Jr.
#47 Mike Jenkins
#98 PJ Jones

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The debut of Ricky Johnson. Nice.

nice line up for the expo!

There are many diverse backgrounds amongst the drivers. Should make for a good road race. Are they running the entire course?

Wish I could be there but I will be at LA Coliseum

Nice to see Ward come back.

IMO, Ward see's the big picture.

What happened to mapai on RGs truck?

sticker's haven't been installed

Another guy that see's the big picture ...

Is Rob Mac and Adler going to be at the coliseum or Vegas next weekend

Ricky Johnson makes the show this Weekend

Lot's of excitement. I can see this as just the beginning of the combo asphalt and dirt stadium series. Honda Indy in Toronto would welcome this show - fingers crossed!


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