Listen up, all Robby Gordon Fans! We need to Save the Planet Robby website.

This website takes a lot of time, money, and energy for all the people that make this Robby Gordon fan site a success.
There are 11,745 members right now.
As you all know, this kind of coverage is not free to the guys that make this awesome site happen.

We get all the RG coverage we could ever want, dakar, nascar, off-road, indy, monster truck, x-games, etc. and whatever else RG will take part of in the future.

Can you imagine would we could see if every member were to give just a few bucks each year, based on the amount of members?

I would encourage everyone to show support and donate whatever you can, via the main page donate tab, to continue to make this great site a success! Every little bit helps.

Matt (@1splat)

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RGCalGal......time for a new pic and a new drink.....get some Speed Energy instead of that other stuff!!

Thanks for donating!

I know I know I need to change picture. You just gave me the incentive to get it done. Have a couple case of Speed Energy drink in the pantry and have ordered T-shirts, will change soon. Thanks.

The Dakar Rally may be over, but the coverage for Robby continues all year round.
Thanks to all who have contributed, and to those who will help out in the future.
Lets show are support and get TOG and all the Planet Robby Crew that last 2%.
The PR team had the best coverage, by far, of the Dakar Rally.

Donation done, sticker purchase complete........Thanks TOG and everyone else who has helped me neglect life the last two weeks it has been great! Year is lookin good

My first post. am on here basically every day to keep up with Robby. Glad to pitch in a bit to keep the site around. Buy as much Robby stuff as i can when his trailer is here (Ft Worth), in fact this year my daughter (10) who is a huge Tony fan wanted a pink "S" Robby shirt and wore it to the race this year in November.

I just dropped in what I could afford. Thanks to all the guys who run this site!


Just did my part....I hope it helps. GAS ON!!

I'll be donating shortly. Just out of curiosity, is there any way to change the format of the forum? For me its a PITA to scroll through the entire thread again just to find new posts in the thread. What would it take to switch to a v vBulletin style format where the new posts go to the end of the thread and it just highlights and repeats whatever you're replying too.

Just a thought. Give me a bit for the donation, love this site but working at a theme park during the slow season means I'm on a VERY slim income.


If I click on the "PR member name replied" on the right side of the screen, it takes me to the next post. Doesn't it work that way for everyone?

@Drew, the good thing about the current format is people ask questions and their question can be answer'd in context. Not pages later out of context

finally did my part today. Sorry it took so long but had to wait for bonus to come in. Thanks for eveything you guys do TOG and gang.


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