Back for round three with the Jim Beam/Hard Rock Toyota Camry and the RGM team for the Shelby 427! I know its gonna hurt but here goes!

Qualify-top 20
Finish- top 15
I heard Furious anger on the scanner...I think this will translate to a fired up crew and more good calls from Kirk on the box.

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Q: 16th
F: 17th
Hey arent we supposed to be fans. Come on now on the pole and a win. You just have to believe
Q - 29th
F - 34th 2 laps down
I will sprinkle good luck dust over the track as I fly over this afternoon. I am departing LAX at 2:00 PST to LAS and then onto Pittsburgh (going home from a biz trip). I will fly over the track around 4:30 PM Vegas time so he should have a good qualifying run! It is going to tear me up being in the airpoet from 3:15 to 4:30 Vegas time and not be able to go to the track!
OK i got the qualify right now lets get the race right or better give them HE!! Rob.


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