SST Track Layout for LA Coliseum, from the Stadium SUPER Trucks Facebook Page.


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So wait, your saying that there was some forthought that went into this, is was not just some fly by night decision to put the asphalt down. Come on guys, give Robby some credit on his own series...

Did anybody get to see this live? This went down in my backyard and I didn't even know about it. Wish i could have been there, seeing Robby do his thing is always a sight to see for sure.

practice starts today at noon pst with Super Buggys
You can watch this live on

is this practice open to the public tonight

Not going to be able to watch practice today cause it's dried out enough to get my son on his PW 50 for the first time. Fingers crossed. Good thing Livestream saves the events for viewing later. Going to be a great day!

Just my 2 cents, I was very disappointed watching the practice feeds from AZ and thought the track was pretty flat... I had tickets and was flying from Colorado to see it... Just like all the people that have been crying on FB and here on Planet it was not a MTEG style track. When I actually got to see the course in person I was very pleased. They added a lot of the actual things I thought were missing the night before or the day of. Now don't get me wrong I am one of the biggest MTEG fans around ( try me ) and the fact that the cross over jumps took up most of the floor and made that side of the course one line did bother me. On the flip side SST has figured out that they need a shock and awe factor that all the other series are not willing to do or have not thought of. I have video of some of the first couple years races where they are at one of the domes and the whole course is concrete and all of the jumps are steel kickers as well as the originals from the fairgrounds racing on pavement on the 3/8ths or 1/2 mile paved with all dirt middle. Seems to me it was Mickey's want to show off side by side racing fender banging and vehicles flying thru the air, yes I am aware of his quote bring " Baja" to people. Seems to me that from the first years to the Riverside to Pomona to LBGP all the pavement "crap" has worked if you liked it or not. I hate pavement.... until your air born and then I really don't give a sh!t what got me there, the fact that im off the ground is bada$$!
Moral of my rant.... wait until the course is all filled in and there is a legit reason to bitch! I wish as bad as anyone on here that the back stretch was filled with a crazy rhythm section paved or dirt and that there was no cross over jumps... but the idea of doubling up hill is awesome and the fact that they filter in to one at the top to return back into the stadium is awesome as well. Just give a minute before you hang the man with balls to try something new!



my motto is "always give the benefit of the doubt"

I like the way you think. Historically some of the strangest looking track set-ups have made for the best racing.

OK. We will see. My name is not on the series so I don't call the shots. I have my tickets and will be there with some people I am dragging along to hopefully get them hooked on this stuff. I will admit, I just wish there was more dirt. This will be the first time I have paid to watch a race where vehicles are on blacktop in at least 7 years and it is a series based on off road racing and monster trucks in stadiums. Weird.

However, I never raced a stadium short course race, so I will give the experts the benefit of the doubt. I will see you all tomorrow!


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