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Not a big surprise. The Busch boys have shown anger issues for quite some time. Time for Smoke's 'I told you so' moment.

Who subs for him Sunday? Brian Scott? Ron Hornaday?

Can Robby fly to Australia in time? seriously, not Hornaday. Alex Bowman can wheel cup car imo.

Robby would not be eligible, no practice this week.As my memory of the rules goes

The AG of Delaware has not filled charges related to the aledged event. So, guilty before proven innocent ?

Chevy has severed ties with busch so he is gone from any bowtie ride

that is not a true'ism. Kurt does not need a contract with Chevy to drive a Chevy. It means they won't pay him for on and off track performance.
Do you have a copy of Kurt's Chevy contract and Kurt's HAAS contract for me to read?

Agee with you Mike. This paragraph taken from another article bothered me a bit:
"Jones noted that Driscoll presented false testimony that conflicted with that of a chaplain who saw her immediately after the alleged assault and said he didn't see any marks or bruises on her. Jones nevertheless said he didn't believe Driscoll's false testimony amounted to perjury or intentional falsehood"

+1000, at least the NFL had videos . this to me is he said she said....and yes I believe that domestic violence is a very, very serious deal!!!

Regan Smith is 1st in line I think. NASCAR is already saying Kurt can appeal and they'll expedite it - sounds like they are paving the way to let Kurt race.

Don't care for Kurt and he might well be guilty but, this is kind of a stinky deal.

I'm not sure Danica would be in the show if Kurt hadn't been behind her last night.

Regan Smith has been tagged to drive

I think the call from Chevrolet suspending its relationship with Busch was made to Helton/France before NASCAR made their announcement of the suspension. Chevrolet just let NASCAR take the lead on it.

Self-made nicknames are stupid and prophetic. #outlaw

Stewarts is almost as stupid.


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