There is a new addition to the UTV class this Year. Robby Gordon will be racing in the UTV class on Wednesday the 3rd .History has shown that the event is well organized. The video coverage has been excellent. Everybody is free to add additional info, some site members will be at the event. Hoping they check in. Again thanks

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+1. It was a couple of days promoting Arctic Cat, mingling with industry folks, and having some fun.

How important is it to win the UTV race at KOH? Very important from Artic Cats point of view. If the R & D partnership between RG and Artic Cat is to flourish, Robby will need to develop their UTVs for all the different types of terrain their products are marketed.

Non world class racing? I beg to differ, please see attached list of international participants.

Considering Robby is all about all things off road, and his first two KOH Ultra 4 efforts ended in DNFs and Parker is scheduled for the week after KOH next year, it wouldn't surprise me if he had an Ultra 4 car in the works now.


Robert, I think RG did pretty well in the UTV class for his first outing. IMO The deal with Arctic Cat will be R&D for off-road racing as well. SCORE, BITD and maybe VORRA series would be a bigger target. Yes KOH is big as well I get that. KOH efforts have been a fun based deal. Dakar Rally is a big deal to RG , KOH right after is tough. Parker is a big deal, so we will see how next year goes. SST is a big goal as well ... JMO

May have cut the course. Still finished though

That was nice of KOTH officials. They must want them back

Next year they will have GPS and the outcome will be better. Raul Gomez 3rd place ! Gomez brothers are well known in my area and good friends of the family


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