Is Robby going to race the KOH I just looked and hes not on there? I hope he is.

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28 official finishers
RG DNF 33rdon the list, Bailey also DNF 40th on the list.

I think 5pm Mike was the cut off

I believe that is the reason, I wish KoH would have posted timed out or such.

Still did a great job. I thought 90 started. RG started 51st, pretty good IMO

Did they say what happened to them?

‘We’ will never know all the reasons, just say’n

Hard to keep up with the decisions.... Confirmed by SST : Robby Gordorn will be driving the Trophy Truck in Thursday in the T1 event. That being said, glad to see RG able to clear his schedule...

Thursday February 7, 2019

o 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Toyo Desert Invitational Presented by Monster Energy

I do not see Qualifying on the schedule

TOG, texted, there is a 25 mile Q lap on Thursday morning.

I hope he has it ready and has a big rocket in it to make it fly

Great break down of the course for the race

Austin does a job, good stuff


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