Is Robby going to race the KOH I just looked and hes not on there? I hope he is.

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I hope the truck can run and hide from the rest of them

Not on Parker either... But some odds have him on list for koh.. My guess is his truck for king of hammers and Potts for Parker and maybe mint but probably in golf cart..

Blade and Cole will be running Parker in Cole's truck.

No Parker, but KOH might happen

Some love from those guys at KOH

Anybody check the list lately ....

No why


Short course will be open 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM.
After 8:30 AM, we will be doing maintenance on the short course.

We are no longer running the rock section in the front straight-away for qualifying due to course deterioration, and in consideration of the impending weather.

Can-Am UTV King of the Hammers race:
Competitors will go up Outer Limits and down Spooners. This is reflected in the GPS files, but NOT the paper maps. Due to this change, vehicles will have until 5:00 PM to finish the race.

Thank you,
Ultra4 Race Operations

This gives a good overview

UTV race is on Sunday with Max & RG racing


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