Saturday February 11th, 2023
Robby will be racing a Gomez Brothers Racing 4400 today. First racers on course at 8:00 AM PT. RG to start near the tail of the field.

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I will post tracking and scoring link when they become available closer to the start of the race, along with the livestream link.

Robby is on course 08:55:34 AM PT

RG at RM25 lap 1, RG has passed a lot of cars in 25 miles

tracking- Orange bubbles 1st lap cars, Yellow bubbles 2nd lap cars.

looking like 102 starters, RG started 101.

10:00am top of the hour update. it appears that RG has passed appr. 40 cars after starting 101st. RM55 lap 1

10:22 RG starts lap2

Top of the hour, headed to RM100 lap2

top of the hour.
RG starts lap 3 currently P11 on time

1:30 RG stopped


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