I can't say that I recognize the name of Robby's codriver, what is his background? I am sure Mr. Walch is more than qualified to be a co-driver and navigator but if I'm not mistaken Robby has had three different co-drivers each of the past three years. Why not not bring back someone with Dakar experience?

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Last years navigator was Johnny Campbell. This yr he's riding a Honda inthe Moto class @ Dakar. I believe Kellon was BJ Baldwin's navi a couple yrs ago when he drove the 2nd H3. He's also ridin co-dog for Robby in several other off road races.

Robby has only had three co-dogs
Andy Grider
you may remember Kellon from 2011 becouse they where out after the 4th stage
when I get home I'll link some video

Offroad motorcyle background, done one or two Dakars for Team KTM back when it was in Africa,

also won a stage in 2005 on a motorbike
Robby won his first stage that year

His bio from RDC

Name: Kellon Walch

Gender: Male

Location: Alamo, NV

Off-road racing- motorcycles and trucks
Camping and hunting

Occupation: Wide Open Nevada, Robby Gordon Motorsports

Class I race in: Class 7300 for BITD, Trophy Truck with Robby Gordon

Favorite Race: DAKAR

Favorite Race Driver: Anyone who is humble and morking hard to become faster.

COO at Wide Open Nevada
Navigator/co-driver for Robby Gordon Motorsports
2009 and 2010 BITD class 7300 series champion
1st Amercian to win a motorcycle stage in the Dakar Rally.
5 time national motorcycle champion
3 time MRAN motorcycle champion
1 time nv/ut desert racing champion
Raced motorcycles for most of my life. Everything from Dakar and Endurocross to motocross. After the last few years of bad injuries I've decided its finally time to move on to a roll cage.

Correction: Chuck Stearns was the first American to win a motorcycle stage in the Dakar Rally. He had 7 stage wins in 1985.

If your in Las Vegas call the fire department i think the number is still 911 he might show up

The hummer-2011-dakar-rally vid is awesome!! Thanks Mike, for those casual viewers, watch this!!


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