KAHNE OUT @ RPM. Team statement: Kasey Kahne has been released from his driving duties with Richard Petty Motorsports effective immediately. Aric Almirola will pilot the No. 9 Budweiser Ford Fusion in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event this weekend at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway. Driver line-up beyond Martinsville is to be determined. MartySmithESPN via UberTwitter


Wonder what he will be doing this weekend?

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Red Bull Racing
x2. Wasn't Sorenson already not running the #83 this weekend? Not sure who was supposed to replace him, but I'll bet I do now...

Wonder if K. Francis isn't far behind in leaving early.
Was supposed to be Aric Almirola.
BIG Surprise ... as he said the cars they are giving him are junk !!!
It is, or is that sarcasm? I'm surprised this announcement made it to Wednesday after KK's comments after Charlotte.
Yep...Driver swap...good deal for both drivers. Aric Almirola will get a a very capable car with a team glad to be rid of Kahne...and Kahne will get a really good car glad to have a capable driver!

Wonder if Kenny Francis is packing his bags too!
Ya where is Francis going ? or is he
so, do the brakes work in the Red Bull cars?
Sweet good for kasey rpm sucks
red bull cars don't have breaks they have wings
Kasey needs to be careful. Talk to the boss before the press and you might keep your ride. No matter I guess, RedBull will take care of him just fine.
Has not Hendrick bought this ride @ Red Bull for Kasey to hold him over until Mark it gone in 2012. I would bet that Kasey will get a bonus to keep his mouth shut, drive and not get in the way of any Hendrick cars.


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