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Justin Lofton has SPEED Energy on his truck again this week at Dover . Right now he is running 9th on lap 30 .

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1/2 way Justin in 10th 

101 Justin in lead again

I smell another win 
Last stop 4 and gas and of course here's the yellow while in pits 
He's ok he'll be the lucky dog he'll restart in 20th

johnny's got it.

Still got a shot NEVER GIVE UP 
Now in 16th 25 laps to go 
15 to go Justin in 13th 
Checkered Flag 
1 - Sauter
2 - Crafton
3 - Coulter 
4 - Gaughan 
5 - Piquet 

Justin finishes 9th

Next race on 6-28 at Kentucky


to bad good race


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