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wow "change careers".... booo
A four time champ might have a eye for talent.After all he hired his own assasin.
That's gonna leave a mark! He does have a point though. How did KC end up in cup so fast? His resume is pretty thin for a full time cup driver.
What did Jimmie johnson accomplish before landing at Hendrick?
How to kill a guardrail....Watkins Glen, 2000
getting roosted by Mercedes Gonzales in Odyssey's in the Micky Thompson series
Last weeks 12 in 12 interview was with Jimmie Johnson and when asked the same question he said the best to learn from was Mark Martin and he too said stay away from Kevin Conway. Jimmie said when you asked me this question earlier in the season I said San Hornish Jr, but now I would say Conway.
Is anyone really surprised by this? I don't know a thing about Kevin Conway as a person...he may be great. But as a driver, he has done nothing to warrant being in Sprint Cup racing or Nationwide racing for that matter. He is good with sponsors and that has bought him rides. I'm not sure how many people here know this but Kevin bought a ride with Joe Gibbs Racing in the (then) Busch Series by brining Z-Line Designs to the team. Z-Line is still there today.However Kevin did not perform at all for them. I don't dislike the guy, he never has messed another driver's race up but in all honesty...he's awful. Everyone knows he shouldn't be out there.
100% truth
JG should have said Dale Jr. That guy only has a ride because of his name. The reality of NASCAR is that the rich teams like convicted felon Rick Hendrick's are at the top because they have tons of cash to throw around and are pretty much buy races. Put Robby in a Hendrick car and he's in the Chase. Put Jeff Gordon in Robby's equipment and he's fighting to stay in the top 35.
I can see how you came up with that... Joonyer: 2 NNS championships and 18 Cup wins. KC: ?
Wow...really? Last time I checked Dale Jr. had won 2 Busch Championships and 18 wins including the Daytona 500. Yeah....Kevin Conway is much better.


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