Jeff Gordon & Tony Stewart recap / props for Robby at Eldora

From last year, but Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart give Robby some good feedback from his run at Eldora.

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Sweet video find.. the clip showed some angles I hadn't seen since last year. Hope Robby can hang it out more this year and not lose it and be the prelude champ!
Robby stole the show last year, now he need to win it this year.
I can't wait to get to Eldora and see him run that well this year and hopefully come away with a win.
Its a clip from the Preview To The Prelude. If you have digital cable (and I assume its the same for Dish/DirectTV) go to the section where you order PPV (Comcast, it is ON DEMAND) and browse around a bit and you should be able to find it. There is a half hour preview of the Prelude with lots of interviews from Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Robby, Kyle, Carl Edwards, Kahne, Harvick, etc....and actually more RG footage than you should expect. Its free....

You can also browse around the Eldora site and see some cool info:

Notice, no one in this years field has any SCORE International Championships ;-) (I did email the webmaster and got a response, so maybe they'll actually modify that...)


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