Jan 9th, 2015 Dakar Rally Stage 6 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 6 of the 2015 Dakar Rally. Robby Gordon had an excellent 3rd place finish in stage 5. The special section of Stage 6 is 255km long. Robby Gordon start time: 9:57am/et, and he will be the 3rd car off the line. Gordon sits 32nd in the overall standings, 5h45m behind. Raceday chat will be available throughout the entire 2015 Dakar Rally.

2015 Stage 5 Photos



Connection 392km | Special Stage 255km | Total 657km


The route will then climb up the Pacific coast towards Iquique. The motorcycles and quad bikes will cover a few extra kilometres as part of the special stage: a detour will take them into endurance-type terrain and onto mountain ridges with views over the sea. All the competitors will then explore the dunes which run alongside and dominate the coastline. But they won’t arrive at the bivouac via the famous descent. For the first time, the half-way point in the race will be marked on a podium in the centre of Iquique. The encounter between drivers and their fans will be emotional, following the earthquake which affected the region at the start of the year.

The GREEN section of the route is the connection , the RED is the Special Section of the stage.

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Robby Gordon will be the 3rd car off the line at 9:57am/et (6:57am/pt)

Stage 6 Start times: http://www.dakar.com/dakar/2015/us/stage-6/live-timing/sector-2-df-...

looks like they have neutralized the first sand section. That sucks.


The blue circles above and the dotted line. Good luck today. Off to work for me.

Was just looking over tomorrows stage. No famous down hill section to the beach in this years stage

I have a suggestion for next years Gordini... The LS7 Race motor is quoted on Chevy's website as 505hp I think we should put the 700 HP Dodge Hellcat motor. That's a 30% increase and the motor is a production based engine.

Just a thought good luck today...

Problem is the engine as is may not be legal or practical. Other Buggies in the Rally run similar power outputs to RG

@Stefan, the amount of production horsepower an engine produces mean nothing,They have to install a 39mm (for the LS7/FIA chassis) And the engine has to be homologated by the FIA.

Or the new LS9

More horsepower needs more fuel, which means more weight, which needs more horsepower to move it, which takes bigger brakes to stop it, etc., etc. All design is a compromise---nothing comes without consequences.

good start position today ...
team will be enjoying a traffic free track YAY

The "neutralized" section, with the dotted lines. Does this mean that this section will not be timed and scored ? Do they do this because the organizers feel that the section is too dangerous to take at racing speeds, or what ?


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