Jan 9th, 2013 Dakar Rally Stage 5 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 5 of the 2013 Dakar Rally. Robby Gordon looks to rebound after rolling the Hummer is stage 4. Gordon is now down over 5 hours in the overall and will try to win as many of the remaining stages as he can. The cars are slated to begin the special section of stage 4 at 11:25am/et and Robby Gordon will begin his special section around 12:30pm/et.  Raceday chat will be available throughout the entire 2013 Dakar Rally. Raceday chat now works on the Ipad & Iphone.

2013 Photos



Connection 337km | Special Stage 172km | Total 509km



A relatively late start will allow the slowest competitors to make up for time lost the day before, as well as to cope with the time change which has been scheduled. For this transition stage which will see the rally enter Chile, the contrast will be visible both in terms of the variety of scenery and the average speeds recorded at the finish. The tracks taken by the motorcyclists will take their toll on their arms: the environment is favourable to attacks, but the stony sections and the rivers to be crossed in some areas will curb their enthusiasm. Those in four-wheeled vehicles will also criss cross between the first reliefs, from valley to valley, with the eyes of the navigators glued to the road book.

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Good thing it's a later start, Robby is probably rolling into the bivouac about now.

Actually, he rolled in about two hours ago

Even better. Clear the head, do some wrenching, prepare for tomorrow.

This is great Fn great news

Late start...I WELCOME this...

and this is the last stage that starts EST ;-)

Let go racin boys....

Good to hear he is in Bivouac.

Time to stop being conservative. No reason not to turn up the wick. Seems like the problems are because he is taking it easy.

why does dakar cover so little of its own race? Truck/quad coverage almost doesnt exist this year. i really like the trucks dammit.

I love the camions... Watching the trucks in the dunes USED to be a highlight.
Far too little coverage of Trucks and Quads this year I agree.

I read on their site that the Dakar organizers have something like 10 copters that they fly during the race, so you would think there was more video coverage somewhere, Perhaps it is all sold to the TV networks instead ? If someone has some links to the extended coverage, perhaps they could post them.


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