Jan 7th, 2016 Dakar Rally Stage 5 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 5 of the 2016 Dakar Rally. Robby Gordon finished 10th in Stage 4, and his teammate, Sheldon Creed, finished 26th, after receiving a 10 minute penalty for speeding. The special section of Stage 5 is 327km. Robby Gordon start time: 9:21am/et, Sheldon Creed start time: 9:47am/et.

2016 Stage 4 Photos



Connection 315km | Special Stage 327km | Total 642km


All round vigilance is required for this second part of the marathon stage: in addition to managing mechanics, particularly the tyres, all the drivers will have to pay attention to their own bodies’ reactions. Entry into Bolivia is also marked by an abrupt increase in altitude, rising to 4,600m –the higher point in Dakar’s story- during the day’s special section. Technically, it is also in this stage that the rally steps up a gear, with the first off-piste sections as well as some navigational gems which might be a headache for some navigators…

The GREEN section of the route is the connection , the RED is the Special Section of the stage.

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Special in red is the timed racing portion. Connection in green is when they sort of convoy to the bivoac or start of the next stage,

No tracking in the green either.lol

Green is just to Get to the Red/race section

As an old B Mod driver once told me...
Dirt is for racin, Asphalt is for getting there!


dirt is for cat boxes,pavement is for racing

wp 6 a 3.28 de loeb , lost 20 seconds with peterhansen, is in a fight with mr dakar go robbyy!!

Thanks for the replies. So no passing in the green zone and no high speeds. Red=Racing, passing, sliding, shifting, nerfing,mud bogging, jumps, ect...lol

Kmon out watch us @ the mint in our new cls 1 that will be the RED section. Brrrraaaaaaaaaaaaapppptatatattat
Hell yeah, Love the Mint

And....the yellow is you get to keep your spot...even if you carsh and 15 people pass you get to keep your spot....never liked that stupid rule because ....sorry wrong sport

GEOOOOOOOOO! Hey man where you been?


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