Jan 7th, 2013 Dakar Rally Stage 3 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 3 of the 2013 Dakar Rally. Robby Gordon has a 49 minute deficit to overcome, but will start 13th in stage 3. This is the first stage of the rally that isn't a loop stage. The cars are slated to begin the special section of stage 2 at 8:11am/et and Robby Gordon is slated to begin his special section at 8:24am/et  Raceday chat will be available throughout the entire 2013 Dakar Rally. Raceday chat now works on the Ipad & Iphone.

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Connection 100km | Special Stage 243km | Total 343km



Tempers are likely to flare inside the vehicles, as the level of stress increases. The recently formed pairs will have passed a major test during the first one hundred kilometres. The South Americans have adopted the term “Erg”, which accurately describes the sequence of dunes that they will have to negotiate in the small hours. All the competitors who go over them without getting stuck, including those in the lead, will be able to proudly breathe a sigh of relief. Their first reward will be to take advantage of the route along the seafront on the second half of the special stage. But the respite will be short-lived, as the tracks they will take at the end of the stage will also require skill and vigilance.


RED is the special section, GREEN is the connection.




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@JCRHonda is in at the end of the stage 158th place +4h19'39" back from Lopez and goes on to fight another day.

way to keep pushing on JC

TOG what is ur feeling for tomorrow. Big difference in terrain or no? U said u had a good feeling about today and u nailed it!

RG Wins it tomorrow. He is lethal with clear sailing, something he hasn't had in this rally.

Yep. Nasser will run hard tomorrow. If Rg can get him in sight, he can maintain pace and let them do the heavy lifting (navigating). Did u see Nassers quote? " Today could have been even better but I had to stop for a couple minutes to help Carlos" ..... So Nasser, How's that feel? LMAO

Nasser stopped for a few minutes, but still won the stage ?

I suspect tomorrow will tell the tale, if both Robby and Nasser have clear sailing.

also i think more stage winners have come from the 2nd starting position then any place else

Great stage today. Looking forward to tomorrow; sounds like it should be good. Does anyone have any idea yet where Robby starts tomorrow?

You start where you finished the day prior. So second, behind the #300.

From Carlos Sainz 303-Engine cut-outs from the start of the special

We had engine cut-outs from the start of the special, apparently due to electronic problems. Our failing engine ran into trouble from the first dune belts. Things got worse as the morning went on until the car had enough of it and stopped... We looked around and saw a cable hanging in the passenger compartment. We reconnected it and the car got up and running again but, unfortunately, the engine continued to work in fits and starts throughout the last 60 kilometres

Nice - thanks for the video above, RG took the high road congratulating Nasser.

It should would be nice to complement RG's speed with some *problems* on the other teams - they go slower he makes up time that must faster.

Anyone have some stats on PP and historical "downtime" ? Using the law of averages, if he's had *none* so far - would think he will.

Also - I guess the Buggly's are a little better than expected - I see Carlos had trouble today....

I have done these averages for years now and you can give up an average of 6 minutes every stage to the stage winner and win this thing hands down.


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