Jan 16th, 2016 Dakar Rally Stage 13 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 13 of the 2016 Dakar Rally. This is the final stage of the rally. Thank you all for supporting the planet, and hope to see you back next year. Robby Gordon start time: 7:02am/et,



Connection 519km | Special Stage 180km | Total 699km


Aspiring winners will certainly be those who find the 180km of the day’s special section the most difficult, designed with twisty, undulating routes, faster sandy and rocky sections… leading to significant levels of stress. For most of the others, the 699km to be covered before reaching the podium in Rosario will be a relief. To be enjoyed without moderation…

The GREEN section of the route is the connection , the RED is the Special Section of the stage.

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sheldons grand pa

yes its hard to believe how judgmental people are being on the net and on FB over the video.

oh crap! Hope and prayer all is well with everyone and that Robby and the entire crew get back safely in the US soon.

Prayers for all.

Bad end to a bad race. Me thinks Robby's Dakar race model is going in the wrong direction. Which is too bad, since they had done such a great job up until this year. But the competition has not stood still.

Really too bad someone like say Chevrolet doesn't want more of a global presence. Think a diesel 4x4 Cadillac version off the mini. Dakar really isn't a desert race anymore.

I think a big tire long travel 2wd car won the rally??????


I agree, I am just glad all will mend. I knew Mickey, Danny is a chip off of the same block. Robby is another chip off of the same block. That is why I was glad he started the SST series. As far as Dakar, it is a obsession. But I agree Robby deserves help from the car makers of America. But he has done a pretty dam good job without them. The last time I talked to Danny, he said he would like to find one person to sponsor him. He would put their name the full length of the car. Hopefully this year he will ba able to finish his quest. Reason with corporate help comes chains and restrictions. Mickey, Danny and Robby are special. I have not changed my feelings about Robby.

I went to Bonnaville with Danny and his team and yes all you said i second let alone his Challenger II car is bad to the Bone.

I think if Robby went after Chevrolet for sponsorship he could get it. Maybe use the new duramax diesel in the Colorado. They are supposed to be bringing the Trailblazer back, so he could graph that front end to the Gordini.

I have driven the Colorado Duramax , great little truck.
Diesel Midsizers are every where here,but with much greater payloads, than the US Colorado


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