Jan 15th, 2015 Dakar Rally Stage 11 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from stage 11 of the 2015 Dakar Rally. The special section of stage 11 is 194km long. Robby Gordon start time: 9:55am/et, and he will be the 23rd car off the line. After a disappointing 21st place finish in stage 10, Gordon sits 20th in the overall standings. Raceday chat will be available throughout the entire 2015 Dakar Rally.

2015 Stage 10 Photos



Connection 326km | Special Stage 194km | Total 520km


The rally will continue on two separate routes, following the famous Ruta 40 and winding through its magnificent landscapes. Drivers won’t have time to relax on these fast routes though: the fatigue which will have accumulated by the 11th day of the race (the 4th marathon day for the motorcycles and quads!) will demand maximum concentration on both the route and the road-book. In the cockpits of the cars and trucks, the watchword will also be vigilance; these tracks are often lined with trees.

The GREEN section of the route is the connection , the RED is the Special Section of the stage.

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Thunderstorms are forecast for Salta and Rio Honda.

hope Rgs wipers work and the toyos too..

And also hope the weather isn't to bad for the 2WD to handle. Hummer had some trouble a few years back I recall.

RG is currently on 20th position with 7:41:xy hrs difference to the leader.
RG is steadily improving his overall ranking, however the time difference to the leading vehicles is increasing! There are few logical conclusions for that.

All it matters now is bring the Gordini to the finish.After that is done and dealt with we can express our opinions with TOG's help as to what, when, how and why.

GO ROBBY eat the Minis one by one;-)

There are lots of logical conclusions for that...
• They are the leaders for a reason, their cars and teams are performing at the top of their games
• They start in the front every day - no need to eat someone else's dust or need to pass slower cars
• Many are factory teams with teammates that help with navigation and quicker repairs when things do happen
• The Gordini has been beaten and battered (even their support truck has had issues), and his only goal now is survival, so he's not going for stage wins and pressing as hard as the leaders.

Nassir has a nice lead, but not a cruise-control lead, so I would expect you will see the gap grow further as we near the finish.

I disagree with your acessment of RGs final stages. He won't go home without a win, mark my words!
I say finish the race. That would be big to just finish. Unbelievable how big this event is. Everything that goes into this race, Wow. JMO
Needs to finish the race, he did not last year

I hope you're right Dave!

that is idiotic...RGs vehicle cannot compete with the Minis and Toyota, especially with their drivers...and it is so Damned obvious based on times I cannot believe people on this site cannot see it.

Im not saying he isn't the BEST driver....but he is NOT even close to the best combination

Ok ok...go ahead and throw the "factory" issue into the argument...the fact is...if you want to WIN (second place is the FIRST LOSER accodring to RG)...then you have to do what it takes to WIN....EVERYTHING it takes....even if that means driving for a factory team, or adopting 4 wheel drive

The PLANET needs to either 1) accept RGs singular goal and lack of factory support and accept 5th to 15th place finishes, or 2) get real...we are the 14th LOSER


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