Jan 12th, 2016 Dakar Rally Stage 9 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 9 of the 2016 Dakar Rally. Robby Gordon start time: 7:37am/et, Sheldon Creed start time: 8:49am/et.



Connection 111km | Special Stage 285km | Total 396km


This loop stage will not really be one for motorbikes and quad bikes, which will finish the first part of this second marathon stage in an isolated bivouac. Prior to this they will have spent the day, alongside the drivers in the other categories, almost entirely off-piste, both in the vegetation-scattered dunes and on harder terrains, sometimes on river beds. Physically, the day might prove to be a significant challenge, as the mercury soars. The hardiest drivers will also be those who are the most clear headed, able to make the right navigational choices, a major challenge of this special section.

The GREEN section of the route is the connection , the RED is the Special Section of the stage.

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ASO doesn't want a USA car or entrant to win Dakar,,, period. I reported that here several years ago on Planet Robby. Briefly, a friend working for a Saudi Team told me that he was in a conversation about RG in Saudi and was informed that the ASO brass had issued a unofficial edict to that effect. I didn't make this BS up and what he said is looking very true.

Sounds a bit like someone saw " Bigfoot" If there was an inkling of truth in that accusation RG would have quit many years ago.

Sheldon should hold his head very high for the effort. Hope to see him in Dakar 17 and SST !!!!! Kid can flat out drive.....

He's as crazy and as much fun to watch as Robby!

Well done, Sheldon... Obviously you are a badass! I look forward to seeing you on the Dakar podium many times in future Rallys. The biggest bummer for us fans is that we did not get the opportunity to see you running WFO this year. Go get 'em, young fella!

missing waypoints was a calculated risk not solely made by a inexperienced Rally rookie, Jonah was sitting in the same cab.
Jonah is not a DAKAR Rally rookie. I'd bet that the consequences where discussed, giving the events of the day. I was big on Sheldon going and just as excited for Jonah to co-dawg.
And I still am.
On to stage 10 for RG


Glad to see the Planet is back up and running.

tomorrow is goofy as hell for start times. Carlos starts at 7:15 local ,2 groups of 5 at 3 minutes then later 2 groups at 2 minutes and finally RG at 10:41 local - 8:41 et/ 5:41 left coast. It claims to be dunes ,dunes, dunes

Although stage ten will take the competitors away from the dunes around Fiambala, they will not be leaving in a hurry. Indeed, the day's programme includes the highest mileage of off-piste rallying on the event, which will suit the desert specialists down to the ground. For the rest, they will just have to grit their teeth and hope that the heat does not add to the difficulty. As regards the bikes and the quads, they will have to try to look after the mechanical health of their machines until the end of the marathon stage if they want to reach Rosario. Finally, this 763-kilometre long day, including 278 kilometres of timed section, will be marked by a brand new type of start. The first ten cars will start at the same time as the fastest 10 bikes and leading 5 trucks, which promises to be a spectacular introduction

What the heck with the new start format ?? Does it just get more competitors on the road quicker, so they can avoid the heat ? Or what ?

Otherwise it sounds like something NASCAR would cook up

Just got home from work. From the comments here Creed is DQ'd, but no real reason why. Can someone summarize what the hell happened today for an uninformed?

Skipped too many way points yesterday. You'll have to read in the first few pages the rules that allow for disqualification due to not trying to follow the route.


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