Jan 11th, 2016 Dakar Rally Stage 8 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 8 of the 2016 Dakar Rally. Robby Gordon finished 11th in Stage 5, and his teammate, Sheldon Creed, finished 21st. The special section of Stage 8 is 393km. Robby Gordon start time: 7:26am/et, Sheldon Creed start time: 7:48am/et.



Connection 373km | Special Stage 393km | Total 766km


The change of terrain which marks the entry into the second part of the rally should also mark a change in programme for the drivers, who will face the first dune sections of the 2016 edition. Experts in dunes crossing will have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and even gain an advantage. They will also notice the navigational difficulties which have been introduced this year to complicate their existence. Louds of minutes could be lost by vehicles blocked in the sand.

The GREEN section of the route is the connection , the RED is the Special Section of the stage.

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Where did you get that pic from?

Someone retweeted on Twitter.

Jaci you are our Twitter Jedi. You sense a picture out there, like a million voices crying out in the darkness.

Helmet is still on. That usually means they expect a quick fix. A flat? But once the tire came of it tilted back delaying swap?


yes 337



"I don't know what happened because 100 kilometres before the end we overtook him in the off-track part. I don't know if he had a problem but he was not really fast. After that, when we started to drive on the tracks again he was faster than me. I stopped and he overtook me again… no, no, not again, he overtook me, and after that, 20 kilometres from the end at a large river, with the speed at around 120 kmph, there was a big hole and he crashed into the hole and rolled. I don't know how many rolls, but he was ok, he was out of the car and told us it was ok and we could go. We have lost one car, so it's less comfortable than before”

Exclusive picture of Loeb at scene. He was heard muttering "tout ce que je besoin est present" (All I need is this)

And my co-dog.........

Where's RG? No listing as yet

Looking bad for Team Speed...........ugly


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