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At this point he is on mine, but he isn't the only good road racer in the Yahoo C group.

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I'm going to wait and see, hopefully at WG. I'm probably going with Vickers in the 55 and probably the 43 on the bench.

No faith...

My Fantasy deal, you don't have to post till after Quals, so don't post till then.....

We all hope Robby wins, maybe if we get some good info about how the test went in SC, that would be helpful.

"The test was really good." - Robby Gordon

There's only 44 entries. Looks like Robby can push it a little in qualifying and get a better starting spot/pit box. One of the entries had no driver or sponsor listed. Other than Boris Said, it looks like the days of all the road course ringers are over.

Today most of the cup guys are ringers, RG still will Qual top 10, but who knows...15-20 of them can run with RG and a little bump your done, me thinks anyway.....

I hope he starts in the top 10, but the last 3 years he has been more like an average of 20th. I am only looking at the other Yahoo group C drvers as the others don't matter for this. I know who to pick for the A and B teams.

David Gilliland's Cup record at Sears Point is about as good as Robby's is recently. Plus, he has done very well in the other series that race there with a few wins. Boris Said is also in the field. He is in a car built by Jack Roush and sponsored by Rick Hendrick. Odd marriage, but Boris co-owns the BMW store in Murrieta with Rick Hendrick

What's the # Borris is driving? I see the #32 is a Roush car with as the sponsor.....Who's driving the #10?

Yup, Boris is in the 32 car this weekend. The 10 car could very likely be another road course ace when they say who it is. But, as others have pointed out lots of the regular Cup drivers are road course aces now.

Thanks Bruce....this weekend's going to be fun!!!

RG is on my team. Low risk, possible high reward.


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