Patrick's NASCAR plans prompt more criticism
By JENNA FRYER AP Auto Racing Writer

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First of all I hope Danica is successful, at least that would make watching NW interesting again. I think she does have a shot at winning (finished 4th at Las Vegas and runs well at Daytona) but her hot temper will get the best of her at times.

and as long as Cup drivers are racing, chances of her winning takes a major hit, those guys are killing the series. It's been that way for too long.
I'm just an observer not an umpire ....I can't make any judgments or rulings. However as an observer I observe a topic so undeserving of consideration it wreaks of yesterdays fish, so tainted of unworthy speculation that it reminds oneself of intellectual affront, or should I say "an" intellectual affront. Or as the guys down at the gin mill like to say "the unmentionable question of a lassies' good fortune brought about by proposed reputation".
You've done a great job of observing IMO . So far 4 pages talking about Danica , I guess there's nothing more important going on.
I'm with you Sherri,Slow news week,boredom setting in.
"But it's the system that's the problem, not Patrick. She played it perfectly, regardless of what she has or has not done on the race track." From the quoted Hughes Net article.

That says a lot to explain the state of NASCAR. Both Danica and Robby are playing the game as the system is currently set up. It may not be fair, but it is what it is.
She played the system in Indy Car too
You got it and said it much better than I did.
I get tired of hearing about Danica being such a marketing machine, as if she's the only one who does it. Look at all the top drivers in NASCAR, who doesn't whore themselves with commercials, magazines and other crap?
Talk good about me,talk bad about me,as long as your talk'n about me.
4 pages on a Robby Gordon fan site! She's already won!


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