Patrick's NASCAR plans prompt more criticism
By JENNA FRYER AP Auto Racing Writer

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Okay this is all Im going to say.

How many people expected Danica to be running as well as she is in Nationwide to this point?

She's finished 14th and 10th at Daytona. 17th at Pheonix. 4th at Las Vegas. 10th at Chicago and ran competativly in her first RC in a stockcar.

If she wasnt running well in NASCAR and was doing quite well in IndyCar I think she would've stayed in IndyCar. Money played a role but it wasn't number 1 in my opinion.

Will Danica be a champion? Probably not but I dont think she will struggle that badly. She will be like a David Ragan or Jamie Mac. She wont be incredible but she will win and be respectable. She has the ability.
I'm gonna see TOOLTIME's $.02, & raise it up about $1.99. I listened to Danica's Nationwide channel last year here @Chicagoland, & plan on doing so again this year. I dont think she's overrated, I do think she's overexposed. Anyway, I thought, let's see what all the hype is about. I was extremely impressed with her demeanor...calm, cool & living off every piece of advice she received from her spotter & CC. Impressed to the point, I asked an ol friend of the planet who pits a RFR Cup car about her the next day. He told me, he's got a buddy who pits her. Not only was I dead on, but she's better to her crew guys then any other HMS driver(except maybe Mark Martin). She REGULARLY takes them out for team building events. She knows them all by name, visits the shop, loves to learn more about the cars,& has a genuine desire for her team to excel. Ya, the media overhypes is it just hatin cuz they aren't overhyping RG? Some of these comparisons are so damn far fetched it's unreal. The Conginia, really? He's def a bigger pussy than Danica.
Oh & more thing, I'd love to be in that "sell merch can't race club" with Bayne(Daytona 500 CHAMPION), Sadler(CUP 3W's, 69 top10's,& 8poles) McMurray(CUP 6W's, 94 top10's,& 8poles),& JR are you fuckin kiddin me? cant drive? might call him "the prince", you could say his english sucks, maybe even somebody dresses him funny but (18 W's, 159 top10's, & 10poles) can't drive? You my short-bus riding, poo throwing, glue eating, trash talking friends are full on special ed's. I cannot believe natural selection hasn't releived the human race of you. Please, for the love of God, please dont wear any RG gear when showing off your lack of intellegence in public. It's hard enough to defend my driver sometimes....I'd bang my Fn head off a wall until I forgot about you, if we were ever grouped together as RG fans.
Does this mean we're no friends?
somebody didn't have a good day.
Very well put!!!
@Richard , could you seperate your sentences?please
Sam Hornish and Dario were incredible drivers in OW and both fell flat on their face in Cup while driving for decent teams. Danica entire career in major OW racing has been a huge marketing push with nothing of substance behind it. Why would a driver that can't really compete for wins in the discipline she spent her life working on, suddenly be able to break through in a form of motorsports she is a fish out of water in? If Dario and Sam couldn't make the transition, I have no reason to believe she will. Its not like HMS equipment turns EVERYONE who drives it into an on track force....

I just don't understand people who insist she is going to win despite all evidence that indicates it is about as likely as me winning the lottery. Kudos to her if she can Danica her way to another win and keep the myth alive for a few more years....
This site cracks me up...................Pussy/Danica this an all male site.
LMFAO!!!!!!! Mike hit the nail on the head once again! Richard, put the pipe down please! Again, Danica is a marketable product! marketing sells, there boys!!!!! Look at the RGM SPEED desert challenge thing going on in Utah coming up in a few weeks....Thats marketing again! Ya gotta sell it in order to race it!
This is fun! lol
What are you talking about? Am I misunderstanding you? Are you saying marketing is the most important thing (KEVIN CONWAY). I think at least everybody can agree that the BS marketers are shiz. Do we care about half a**ed marketers, or racers?

She has a great marketing scheme, shes an average driver, but shes billed as the best thing since sliced bread.... Do you understand the problem here? I great driver, who looks like Herman Munster can win races (Kesolowski)... I want racers... not people who complain that its 80 degrees in Montreal.

Again, over rated!!!! (CONFIRMED)
Damn you Ted, now everything I see Kesolowski I just wait for him to call Grampa or Lilly.


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