Patrick's NASCAR plans prompt more criticism
By JENNA FRYER AP Auto Racing Writer

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I'm not sure I've ever understood the "Danica is overrated" thing. I guess that's in part because I've never read anything that said she was really good. I've read that she's the best female driver yet. I'm no historian but I think her W would be pretty tough evidence to overcome as I'm not aware of any other ladies with W's in top tier series. But pretty much all I read is negative. Which is unfortunate. Is she going to dominate the sport and become the first 6-time champ? Probably not. Is she an amazing driver. Not really. But that's not why she gets dumped on. Simply put, haters gonna hate. She has a following. She gets attention. Right or wrong, warranted or not, it's the truth and is in large part due to the fact that she's different. But part of what makes her different is that she's the first woman that seems to have a legitimate shot at collecting wins in these series. I hope she does well.

Oh, and f**k KC.
I'll have my bag of kettle corn ready to go as the soap opera gets underway. I just don't get how the sheep line up like mindless robots and follow her like lemmings off the proverbial star struck cliff (which I've come to find out that Disney "staged" back in 58 I think, the Lemmings I mean) Is she over rated? In my opinion no, however she is annoying. And for some that blind they wear that hides her true personality from them and sugar coats it with this all American home town folk hero, holy shit look at her go image, rated she is. Over rated no.... not when so many people are going to feed off her commerce shes not. When she is sitting in a stock car and some good ol' fashioned have it boys stuff comes her way she will be.
she is way over exposed i get tired of seeing her. the 7 team runs about the same with or without her so she is middle of the pack driver.but she is a woman in a man's sport so she gets more attention then any other middle of the pack driver except for her car owner.she is a marketing genius but a race car driver yes but not a championship DRIVER.
i really liked the way KC got slammed in thee article
Heres why shes overrated... Besides her gas mileage win.... tell me when she last won anything else..... (crikets)... her last win was in her old Karting days.

Can she compete at the top levels? Possibly. Shes competeing with the best IndyCar drivers, but we all know the best drivers dont go to IndyCar anymore, so Id assume she have a little tuffer time in NASCAR, where the best American drivers go. A little side note, does anybody remember her complaining about the heat in the car at Montreal? No buddy else complained... But that may be something she can overcome.

Also,I believe she could finish in the Top 5 in NW, and maybe get a win.

So, back to the original question, I think shes going to be an average driver, so yes, I think shes overrated. She os treated like shes the next NASCAR Champion... or at least the next big driver who will win.
The 1 out of 112 cited in the article is factually very complimentary. Although, she did win the Toyota celebrity race at Long Beach in 2002 if you want to include that as a "win" but prior to that her last win in a competitive series was in a IKF kart race in Kansas 13 years ago.
hahaha I stand corrected... she won the celeb race.

I will add, there is a chance she could have success... I dont see it happening though...
The upside. After the open-wheel split, Danica-mania was the right thing at the right time. She brought much needed media attention to a form of American racing that had dominated the airwaves, and then, at its own greedy hands, imploded. Right or wrong, she did what she was hired to do. Of course she profited from it financially and in her celebrity. So be it, she earned it.
The downside. Danica was/is not nearly as popular in the paddock as she was with the fans and media. Her competitors and teammates may smile and say nice things about her on camera or to the print media but off camera and off the record, not so much. They're trying to advance their careers and their teams and sponsors not Danica's.

Danica will bring a much needed boost to the Nationwide series. The hard-card media will document her every move. NASCAR will make money from her participation. Her Nationwide competitors will say nice things about her to the media then express their resentment on the track. JR Motorsports fab shop will be a busy place in 2012.
When I met her in person, she was very nice to me. I've heard more stories to the opposite though, so maybe I caught her at a good time.

As far as her driving, no one has come and said she'll win every race so I don't see the overrated part. She herself said there was going to be a huge learning curve. She'll bring attention to herself for sure, which is likely the main reason people don't like her. I give her the benefit of doubt for Nationwide this coming year, then we can see where she has improved. A top 10-15 in points wouldn't surprise me at all though.
I very clearly remember her using the "learning curve" excuse for over 3 years when she got into IndyCar.
If I were in a room with all you guys and you could see my face and hear my voice you would know that I just don'y go in for machine made popular types. She could win the Daytona 500 on a dirty move to Carl Edwards and do a back flip while puttin lip stick on and i'd be hard pressed. She just has not done all that. I recall Scott Riggs doing quite well in the Nestle Quik car and thought he would have a swell future but I was way off so perhaps i'm wrong about Daniels talents?


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