Finally in Segment Four we continue our conversation with Mark Miller who talks about the book he's written about his involvement with Dakar and we get very candid comments from Miller on the effort American Robby Gordon is making at Dakar. Gordon has tried for several years to not only finish the event but get a stage win or overall podium finish. That effort has proven difficult. Miller talks about why that is. This is an exclusive THS Breakout interview on the world's only weekly topical webcast on sports car racing, rallying, drifting and time attack. TRT: 12:52

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It amazes me the negative way that RG is potrayed by some on RDC forums, I dont think that M. Miller should have said what he did, life is to short to hold grudges, the off road community is a very small world and I would not have burned any bridges. If Mark trully was trying to get the second hummer at the 1000 all he would have to do was write a check, Mark is a competent racer but nothing is free. just sour grapes to me. I suppose Mark should not hold his breath for an SST invite

Agreed. It's really about what he did not need to say in the forum he was saying it, punctuated by the fact that the short interview was supposed to be about Mark Miller and his book. It's Mark's fault for not controlling the interviewer and allowing interviewer to lead the conversation into a cesspool that Mark was to comfortable too sit in.

Sometimes we do things that we regret later....

Dirt sells


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