Finally in Segment Four we continue our conversation with Mark Miller who talks about the book he's written about his involvement with Dakar and we get very candid comments from Miller on the effort American Robby Gordon is making at Dakar. Gordon has tried for several years to not only finish the event but get a stage win or overall podium finish. That effort has proven difficult. Miller talks about why that is. This is an exclusive THS Breakout interview on the world's only weekly topical webcast on sports car racing, rallying, drifting and time attack. TRT: 12:52

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Replies to This Discussion much for teaming with Mark Miller.

Reason enough for RG to return.

Its kinda BS that even Mark does'nt give Robby credit for the stage wins and the podium finish that he has.

Meh..not worth a proper response.

Lot of shit talking from a guy sitting on the couch.

And I will add to that that Mark wouldn't have even had the try out if RG didn't tell Volkswagon he wouldn't take their million to sign and million to win in 2007. RG is the one who specifically told VW to use Mark.

Mark helped me once in Baja, so up until now I've never had a problem with the guy......but lets be honest, that interview sounded a bit like sour grapes. Mark was with the best funded and most successful offroad rally team in the world for 5 years and never won anything...only 1 dakar stage. In that time, Robby with a comparatively underfunded team won like seven stages of the dakar and finished a best of third compared to Marks's second. Obviously those two have a history because Mark probably did have some valid points in that interview, but it was not coming from a good place and he wasn't exactly telling the truth....except for the part when he said that the reason he didnt win every race was because he had shitty navigators and Vw gave everyone good engines and suspension except him....that part I believed lol, and he gives robby a hard time about making excuses...come on!

I would agree with him having sour grapes. I really liked the part about if Robby would have consulted him about the car he would have won, that's the most ludicrous statement he could make

+ 1, what a douche Miller is. One would think as an American you'd want to stick up for your fellow homeboy. Pretty sad if you ask me!

Wow, I never thought MM was such a groveler. Does he bow when the real racers walk by? That must be why he was always such a good water carrier.

+1 you aretoo nice!

Not even in the same league with Robby!


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