Looks as Danica be attempting the Daytona 500 in 2012. What number will she use? If RGM is not in the top 35 with the #7, would the number be on the market? If so what could be the asking price for the limited cup races she's planning.

Maybe a partnership/support deal to use the same cars as Tony, Ryan and Danica in 2012. There would be room for a fourth team under a SHR? Or a deal just like the 78 and RCR. Work smarter, not harder.

Keep selling Speed Energy! Gas On RGM.

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It was sarcasm.

I think Danica will use the #77 unless the NASCAR/Hendrick/Go Daddy consortium do a deal with Robby for the #7.
Hendrick, with NASCAR's 'blessing', will also get the #4 owner points as part of the deal.
In return, Robby will receive cash, #83's owner points, and 2 second round draft picks.
Robby did give a price.during the post Q interview, the interviewer said what if they offered a million dollars.Promise was Robby's response.
The nascar world is gonna go nuts when RC puts it on the side of Austins car. Kid will have truely earned it, when it happens...RC makin sure of that. This Earnhardt die hard wont have a problem with it....matter of fact, I'll be kinda shitty if public opinion keeps Austin from from his carreer #
Wow I was watching Breaking Bad and Walt was doing burnouts in that Challenger and I was thinking how cool that car would look with the Speed Logo on it and the NUMBER 7 and I lost my train of thought. I'll try again later but the big question about Danial is whos points is Hendrick gonna buy her so she has a starting spot in said 500. After this season what will the economic attrition be as far as teams not returning? The 7 its always 7 Much like the Kids in the Hall sketch "Thanksgiving" no link provided
Theres enough HMS(or HMS powered) drivers, they dont need to issue points....just orders. "Catch her if she falls, & push her past the #___" I think she'll do well in the draft tho...after all who doesnt wanna bumpdraft her?
Honestly, if we can't run competitive then why race, RG would be better doing a limited schedule and go back to Indy cars where he was always competitive and the field is a little more even. Sorry but he is best at road racing and Indy type cars. I would like to see him at the Indy 500. I
@George, you might not have read the whole thread,so I'll repost this interview.
here's a excerpt ,
So, wouldn’t it be better if Gordon skipped some races and be better prepared for the ones he ran instead of starting and parking most of the time?

“If you don’t come to the race track, you don’t learn,’’ Gordon said. “If you don’t come to the race track, I can’t help it that we can’t find a sponsor to pay for right now. I can’t help that. I’ve tried. Trevor Bayne doesn’t have any sponsors on his car and he won the Daytona 500. That’s the reality of it. We’ve tried hard, and this is what I love to do, so I’m going to continue to fight the fight.

Hopefully this will clear up the topic for you.
@George here the reason, Robby earned $85,960.00 for 43 place. I don't know about you, but it would take me 5 years to earn that kind of money. Rocket science! The purse for Ryan Hunter Reay placing 3rd at mid ohio on Aug. 7 was 20,000.00.
@Laura, the sad part is thats gross income.Becouse Robby ran an RGM engine and didn't put many miles on it and it looks like they only bought one maybe two sets of tires.Gross profit ok.Not sure about the net.IMO
While on topic, who says Kasey Kahne will stay number 5. I'm sure it could be looked up on his site, but ill wait till its announced later on. Maybe she will stick with the 5, some history and HMS association.

Either way I could care less what number she is and hope Rob keeps the 7.

Gotta wonder if there is as much talk about this over at theworldrevolvesarounddanica.com
Talk about shit that doesn't matter.....it doesn't matter if RG keeps the #7 or not. It won't make any difference in the team being a part time start and park operation. It doesn't matter if Danica gets the #7 or not. Hell, they can probably sell more t-shirts and other junk if she has a new number. It wont impact either teams on track performance. Its a complete non-issue but people sure do love to piss and moan.

If RMG is willing to S&P the way they have been to keep the lights on, then it shouldn't be hard for HMS to make an offer that is worth taking, if they even really want the number...

If for some insane reason they actually had a hard on to get the number, leverage it for something useful, like RG driving the third Stewart Haas car when Danica isn't in there. Can make money to keep RGM operating as a Nationwide team, can actually be in a position to drive full races and maybe even compete for a top five now and then! Hang out with Go Daddy skanks. And most importantly, it would mean Mark Martin doesn't have a ride and would probably be forced to finally retire.

Of course thats only if they're insane enough to actually care two cents about the number at this point.
Jack Daniels offered 3 million for the 7 and Robby said no. I don't think he;ll change now. Speed energy trailer was at Bristol.


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